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Friday, February 27, 2009
Finally, i am attending the general make up class. 1st day? we r late. haha, actually miao n i reached there one hour b4. Just that waiting for wc. sorry to her!! she msn me tat to wait for her at mid valley, but then i was too busy that time, tot that wait her at Jaya one. lol. the 1st class: Introducing the facial products, then steps of remove make-up, applying cleansing,mask, toner, moisturiser, make up base, foundation, eye shadows. note tat, during this process, wc accidentally knocked down a bowl of water. there r 5 ppl in the class, including us. quite fun tou, v learn how to do n v actually alwaz done the wrong way. no wonder v get old tat fast. hehe! oh ya, and there is one guy joining us as well. well, most of the famous artist,designer is guy!

on tat day, i actually met 2 ppl! during lunch time,v met tsu shen. then while waiting for class, i met win.

Yest was our company meetings. morning was busy. I get to know all the BIG ppl. then after lunch still fine. need to clean up the things. ^^ felt very tire, coz my flu is getting worse. haih.....





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