Perhentian, Redang,Lang Tengah and Kelantan trip

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Arival at the Subang Air Port. Miao stay in my house for one night then went to airport together.

with kw at air port.

this is scary......

the arival at perhentian. I notice we don have line here. Handphone is useless..

By the time we reached there is already 11am++, So we checked in, rest a while then is lunch time. The buffet lunch so....coz we are so hungry...we finished all. by 1pm, We went to the arrival point again, and is snorkeling time! Too bad we did not bring camera to snorkeling for the 1st day. we went to 3 point i remember.. training on the 1st point, then fish feeding and then spring water.

Fish feeding point, I started to have boat sick, Dizzy. therefore I jump in the water to feed the fish. The fish is like hungry monster. They came in group, and the bite my fingers...So when I saw bigger fish is coming, I just throw the bread far far away. I still getting dizzy....then one of my friend edi vomit...esp at the shark point there. argh...can't stand any longer, hope that faster get back. However, the guide took us to the cool spring water. everyone have a bath there. is so so so so cold!!! freezing cold. I just run away.

Have a rest there, feeling better. then we travel back to our chalet. quickily have a bath then lay on the bed....whoa...this is relax. but ah...ours is fan is pretty hot...! >.<" At night at perhentian is kinda boring. have nothing to play and is so quiet. We, 5 couples having small walk along the beach, looking at the stars and guide by the light of moon.
Kw and I at redang beach!

The 2nd day! in the morning after breakfast, We travel to Redang. It took 30mins to arrived. And is a lot of ppl there!! the water is crystal blue! they give us 1hr to walk along the beach and buy souvineer. Even taking photos have to queue up. Is sunday mah... and half way camera no battery...T.T too bad....I and kw have coconut water and ABC there under this hot weather. Is so enjoying.

Then we go to look for baby shark. I saw cute...they are tame. and also jelly fish...cute neh...then we went to marine park. Have lunch there, sitting on the sand. Is just like picnic. then we went to snorkeling again. looking for eel and the hungry fish.... staying there for some time, and we travel to lang tengah. Again, We snorkel and I saw sea snake under the water!!! colorful. anyway, the snake swim away from us. maybe, too many of us there, scaring it away. this is the time where the guide show us many type of sea cucumbers. One of them is like sausage...ahahaha!!

Next, We travel to the spring water again. This time i gonna have a bath there. Is really cold that I scream uncontrollably... coz, I hardly bath cold water...but is refreshing!!! then We saw many bikini girls. the guys started to mumble....$#@^

therefore when we went back to perhentian (except me) the girls started to show their body. wakakaka surrender ya, boys;tat's the part they doing all sorts of crazy actions and photo taking session. me? I went to bath ler...cannot stand the stickiness.

At night, is BBQ dinner. We girls change to hawaiian looked. is also another photo taking sessions. the night is still boring. and is start raining after dinner. tis time, there is no moon light...we still walking along the beach, appreciating our last night here.

Bikini sessions...

Hawaiian look...

dump dump miao

hot boys and girls
The 3rd day, kw and I joining the girls gang to Kelantan trip by additional RM15. 1st stop, We went to Double Dragon Temple. Here we have tallest buddha. We went there pray a while. and then we met a 'si fu'.
He asked whether we both are married....>.<" la si fu..we r just pak toh. Then he said: oh, good!get to know each other better 1st. being together is not easy, must be patience and able to took one step behind (tolerance)...bla bla... what he told is true ler...
then he took us to 'nan hai guan yin'(south sea guan yin) which only build half way.

tallest buddha...

wishing tree

ah ni tuo fo

guan yin..

Dinasour??!! tis is where we met the si fu

south sea guan yin

Famous nasi Kerabu. yam yam...i like it!

The Batik Factory

The batik store...way too expensive, end up din buy anything there!we kacauing there only

back to the air port!

Souvineer to grab! Now left 7 only...some are reserved!!


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: July 1, 2009 at 9:54 AM said...

nice post... a details one with pic :)
the nasi kerabu i saw chili padi... o.O spicy ka ??

hey babe this is really a nice trip...hope we have other trip in future weheheheeeee this time we need to have a meeting before going..wat shirt to bring bla bla bla..hahahha;p

{ Joanne } at: July 1, 2009 at 10:48 AM said...

ya, spicy...but nice...wahaha

ya, nice...enjoyable..
next time meeting oso the activity at night!!

Carinloh at: July 2, 2009 at 12:05 AM said...

where's my present?

yc at: July 2, 2009 at 9:12 AM said...

i wan buy 4 me a???wahahahah

{ rumtum tigger } at: July 2, 2009 at 11:33 AM said...

ooh you guys had fun! haha

eh.. ask me buy bikini then wat happened now?

{ Joanne } at: July 2, 2009 at 2:47 PM said...

tingger...i wear on the 1st day lo, but the gang din take take off and take photo. manatau they do it on 2nd day which i edi change to swim suit!!!

yc,carin. i think still got left over for u both de. wakaka




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