Happy Birthday & earth day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010
(Souvenir from a far colleague of mine. my company is actually her customer, I was shocked when she gave me this. is a 'lego' calendar. special!)
Yesterday was my Birthday
Did not really celebrate
Was already celebrate with kw on last saturday
then the night before, cancellation of Yam cha session
and 2 of my secondary buddies went to Taiwan
Yest was having normal dinner with dearest YC
Overall I do not have big celebration
and also no need to do so.

However I felt happy cause many ppl wishes me in my Facebook!!

Today just had my First slice of cake from my parent ^.^
wish that this year will be a smooth year!

Not to forget, around my Birth date, will be an earthday the following day.
Mother earth is already getting angry
really hope that people will do something
before it's too late.





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