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Sunday, April 18, 2010
Week ago, I bought these 2 body scrubs

They were sale in Metrojaya warehouse sale.
I am currently using Chocolate body scrub.
They are in powder form.
Either you wet yourself and pour sufficient amount of powder in your palm 
then rub your whole body 
Mix the powder in a bowl with some powder
till it turn milky chocolate liquid.

The chocolate smell is awesomely nice!
You really feel like you going to eat yourself up!
The thing I love this scrub is that,
1) the scrub is really fine! really smooth your skin
2) You can feel your skin really clean and won't dried your skin!
I did not apply lotions after that! It really keep your skin moist!
U surely thought that scrubs always made your skin dry and how come it still keep your skin moist?
I questions the promoter bout this
and she hilariously answer me: Is a good question, how come i ever think of this before? you are the 1st customer to ask this question (am i asking stupid questions?)
She then demo choc scrub on my hand, and they really moist your skin (Compare to strawberry scrubs)
I think chocolate did work an effect on this.
besides, this chocolate have antioxidant functions, keep your skin young?
It can also be use on your face!(coz it fine enough)

Haven't try Strawberry scrub
But had tried over demo on my hands.
It basically functions as whitening
the molecule of these powder is more rough
It will make your skin dry a little
but it make your skin bright a little.
Not suitable for face 

Between, you can buy their products online
I bought 2 for RM12. 
I think 1 pack can use like a month if u use it every week.
 The homepage is currently unavailable.
but u can reach them by:

Ms. Aylyn Pon (6016-663 2813)
Mr. Christopher Chiew (6016-777 9138)
Email :

From my previous post : Bridal Attempt 
I really have no idea on how to pin them on
So I use two bobby pins tro the loops.

Then I tried it like this.
Some how I felt a little weird...
I think it is best fit on Buns hair~

Friends do recommend me do a longer one
So that it can be a hairband
It is a great idea (Was actually thinking of doing it)
Just that my material is too limit.
I'm going to look for the wiring and pearls
can't wait for this.
Perhaps I can make one for my friend's wedding??
who want to order??? ($_$)


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