Hoi Sum steamboat gathering~*update*

Thursday, July 1, 2010
**all pictures are credited by Tian Chad.com ~
**update:scroll to lower part!**
Is a lovely gathering
I was being informed by Nicole (my ex Course representative)
that Little Marccus is coming to KL
and he is leaving the next day
Have to hurry up and meet him before he gone for another 2 yrs o_O"
(after that only know tat he is back to KL next coming week too)

Before I went out from house, I received a call from Nicole's Hp...
But is a GUY voice.
Shocked at first, and then he speak:
Hi, Are you Nicole's friend?
I: Yes
the guy (i am suspecting is Marccus): your friend Nicole had been kidnapped... then he giggled 
=.=""" alright, i guess I know what Happen =P
they failed to continue this game. bleh~
They said the Restaurant close on Tuesday!
Alamak~ where to eat then. I have no Idea.
I hardly eat in Sri Petaling...
Then I told them I'll inform you after I met Win..
Cause she know more places than me

There is a rainbow when we drive off..
rainbow in sunset.. how beautiful
but too bad I cant get off the car and take picture!
at last, we decided to eat steamboat.
'Hoi Sum' steamboat =D

5 ppl dishes...
out of 10 people, we only ate 5 ppl dishes!
all keep fit~ XD

the group photo~
From left, Standing: Kien Weng, Chun Jin, TC, Win, Pei Mun, Me& Nicole
From left, Siting: Marccus, Ying Ying & Angie
da gals~
from left: Nicole, ying ying,win, pei mun, me~
(Angie left early)

From left: Kien Weng, Chun Jin, Tian Chad & Marccus
Almost everyone here runs a blog
I get influence my them actually =)
Tian Chad and Nicole are very Active in blogging

I love this picture, because win smile till so sweet!
and Chun Jin take a good shoot using Tian Chad's DSLR

My lazy posts..

Overall, I am so glad to meet them
(I know i maybe too quiet there )
But they really make a lots of fun
and we gossips a lot!!

I did not take any picture as I believe they all will bring camera =)
stay tuned to their blog for the updates~
ps: There will be one Most funniest Picture of Marccus.. Trying to manual focus his 'DSLR' by himself XD
here is the picture~
credited by Nicole~


{ cklim } at: July 1, 2010 at 1:50 PM said...

good one, look forward to see marccus's pic




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