extra Ordinary day~

Sunday, July 18, 2010
I don think u'll like to see me cam whore anymore =P
here is my outfit 
with yest just-bought skirt pants
Love it so much~
Today outing: accompanying Ching mun (CM) with her little brother~
(waiting her for like 1 and a half hour ~.~)
We went to Mid Valley to look for her want-to-buy list
Short pants, shoes...
1st of all, we went for a tea at Kim Gary
cause CM not yet hav her lunch, and I just had 'popiah' for lunch
her short pants is some what not too short...=_=
and when searching, her little bro ald make noise to go back =P

I suggest to have dinner at Poco cafe 
I read it from Kim's blog this morning 
and immediately I wanna go have a try
because is the place I know how to go at Bangsar

It's rather quite inside resident place
But luckily I came before...
It is really very little cafe with a few tables
When we went inside,
We smell a nicely homemade cake
we really drooling..
this is their cloth made menu~
they came with album with picture too
After ordered, I quickly take pic here and there
both of them have the same smile
brother and sister mah..
me the outsider =P
Do I look like siting at home sweet home?
here is the ambiance
Little pictures hanging along the wall
Cm and me
My hot soya with cute wood made spoon
me playing the soya =D
small space they made their handmade things
My Miso Soba with eggs 
you can see the chopsticks is wrap by 'shirt' folded shape tissue
GCM..drinking her green tea
Finally you see her eyes. hehe!
GCM nagging her brother being so naughty
Panorama shoots from my HP...
Sorry GCM.. really a bit cacat =D
just wan to show u the view I saw.


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: July 18, 2010 at 10:19 PM said...

i wanna go POCO tooooooooo =(




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