Family dayz

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Here is how my Hari Raya day went
1st day : Family days (this post)

Wednesday night, we went to visit this cute Amanda again
As I wanna know how's her process of growing up
She do not cry anymore when see me! 
I am so happy!!!
This is her, siting like boss
watching children singing DVD bought from mum
She cannot sit still...
She started to walk here and there
taking a hammer to teach her to hit herself
she started to learn how to talk
I teach her how to call a "pig" secretly LOL
She is always my dad's favourite
cause she do not afraid of my dad.
Normally, whoever kids saw my dad, even with smiling face, they will cry!

here is my dad:
the next day we, (mom , dad and i) went to Mid Valley
for lunch and shopping! (Foong Lai restaurant)
as we sit at the corner
I took my hp camera and snap 
then my parent started to get heat up
they also snap here and there :)
Do I look more like my dad or ..
My mum?
again, we ordered a set of "shan bei ji"
(three cups chicken)
Pork set.

At night, I went off with parent & meet with my bf at Mid Valley
Because he had promised to go out with me that day
while he suddenly had to work. 
For not disappointed me, he came out find me after his work 
we went for a movie, and that was where we met Miao and her bf too!!
KL is small? nah.. is tat we leave nearby Mid Valley.
Should say Mid Valley is our second home =)
we watched Step up 3. 
Yes, I know we are outdated. 
But is the movie content we watch and is not about outdated count.
I love their dance motions. =)
really attracted. Made me feel like wanna shake my butt too 

that is all for now. BYE

ps: Looking fwd to Thursday Holidays!





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