a little of Youngest Child Syndrome

Friday, September 17, 2010
*Confession from the youngest child: me**

I could say that I am more like half of having 'middle child syndrome and youngest child syndrome'.

Often, me and my another friend, who is a middle child, complains everything and seems similar. That's why I said that I having a little of them both. (we are not always complaining, sometimes things happened so coincidentally at the same time.)

For those who is the eldest child, please read the youngest child's confession:

Have you all always think that the youngest child is always spoilt/pamper the most?
the SPOILT has a few sub-sessions:

1) Storm feet on the floor, cry like no body business

    (No, I haven't done this kind of things before. I wish I did! haha) I don't know why they did like this, but is kind of expressions that they did not know how to persuade the adults, and they want a thing no matter how. They wanna attract attentions from everyone in the mall, in order to embarrassed the parent, one solution to let them stop making the noise, parent often buy the things they wanted.    
Best solutions? I not sure. Is either you scold them on the spot, leave them crying louder on the spot and you walk away or you bought the things to keep them shut, and, when you reach home, keep the things away and teach them a lesson... Muahahha...

2) "I tell mama! I tell papa!"

    Oh yea, this is the best solution when siblings try to bully you. *wink*
However me and my brother always get beaten up when I tell my mum & dad. Not a good solutions. Why not just fight back, then both get beaten up =P

3) "I want this!" 

     Even it is come with different color but same things.. they just want the exact color and things. They want this means they want this. Any things which is so different than the display is not allow. Don't worry, they will understand one day when they grown up. ( nothing in display is same as the real one)

4) I don't know how to do this/that

    Not apply to me, i guess.. (except cooking ) This often apply when the kids have maids or super mum did all for them =) Is time to let them learn bits by bits. Try to make things more interesting. For example: Blowing bubbles when washing own shoes... 

5) Parent takes you to anywhere.. no need walk!

   Get the priorities to be taken by car to everywhere. no fuss. even Brother going to fetch me. =)

6) Struggle for freedom.Started to ignore everything the parent says.

    That is when parent started to protect the children so so so much. The child often do something parent dislike, sneak out from the house? wear anything they like, tattoo, pierce here and there... why not loosen a little. You know being too over protective will only worsen the situations.

7) White lies....

The fact that, voice out all the things we wanted to do, often get barred or always unrealistic for the eldest.  The eldest often think that what they do is right and more reasonable/ experienced.That is when white lies came, and hurt the one that we always loves. For me, I have not much power to talk things out. Most of the time, I keep it to myself. I did very hard to understand them as well too.  When the youngest grow older, we will get wise either.
For me, I am a little bit different. From all of the above, what I did much is no 7. I do much of the things ( not as much as mum) that my brother seems always the one who do not need to do anything, including wash dishes and also iron clothes, not even mop floor, sweep floor or vacuum the floor mats. Things I hate most is because i feel unfair cause my mum always says this is Woman's role. I hate that, and because of these, my mum always complain to me that she has many unfinished house cores while leaving my dad and brother be a potato couch. =.=" I make a fuss, argue with her nicely about this fact (woman's role thing) that she should not just order me, as a girl to do it (of cause, as a daughter I also must help around, not that I do not want to do, i just offend her theory). Instead she thought I offended her and her respect with the meaning of don't want to help around.

After all those emotional argument with my mum, I, as a woman, cannot get my own rights, as a daughter, I have to respect my mum. At the end, I do not wanted to argue with my mum anymore whenever regarding what A WOMAN MUST DO ROLE, I just quietly do whatever things she ordered. I'd considered that one, my mum is not young anymore, I need to think that she might not able to do all the house cores; second is that, if I am not helping, she keep nagging me for being not filial daughter and do all the things herself; is no point arguing around and let my mum get a heartache or HBP (High blood pressure).   

What become worse is that, whenever my parent going outstation, she will order me a lot of things to do! She is worrying too much! She thought that I never know anything in the house.  Actually I do know! When she was already out of the house, she is still always sms me about the things I should do at that moment. Actually before she sms, I already did what she wanted to say. When I done everything, I thought is nice and perfectly done, she will not ever satisfied. She, still scolding me, eventhough is my bro who did it. FML.

Why is that when she is around and she did not know that I know how to do it all? This is because, when she is around, I actually leave everything to her, we all count on her too much, we already living in a comfort zone where we don't want to do anything and mum thought we just sit in front of computer and do nothing at all.  hahaha... Actually is that, we would do everything we can when she is not around.  I think we should lower down her burden more for now.

However, I must say that: I am happy living with my family =) I am grateful I live in comfort zone =)





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