Preparing CNY 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
It's Chinese New Year!!
Been busy all the while and I did my shopping quite last minutes
Everything in last minutes
I just done my manicure myself yesterday night.
It's milky bluesy..white.
these are not fake nails, is real nails~
my bf said: You never let your nails rest eh?
is true.. I like to paint my nails in many ways.
perhaps let in rest after CNY then
Including my toe nails

My almost last minutes shopping.
I thought I'll only bought one piece. 
However I bought 3 pieces in only one hour shop a lone nearby my house.
and when I ever thought I only get 3 pieces,
however last weekend, I did my second round shopping again.
this time casual jeans with 3 singlets.
**scold me! =P
Then I was thinking having hair dye.
not going to salon, wanna do it myself achieve with Liese bubble hair dye.
Coincidentally, when I was thinking when shall I do it before buying
my brother actually told me he wanna dye his hair the night before.
After discussing (because my dad is super discourage us to dye hair),
we decided try our luck, as we get scolded, we both will get scolded together.fair.

I asked my brother to purchase those not so obvious hair dye.
He chose Chestnut brown
with whole lots of instructions
It's easy, just like doing experiment in the lab, with given hand gloves
*we did it this morning*
I help my bro do it first, then myself.
we both actually shared one box. it is more than enough.
The color is not bad, but I think I'm not evenly spread the bubbles enough.
since the color is not that obvious, we did not care much. =D

out come? you'll see it in my CNY pictures soon.

with all the last minutes I did,
my brother is even more over..
He bought Nikon DSLR yesterday!!!
geez.. I don't know he is that rich.
should ask allowance from him every month. hehe!

Roughly tell you my day:
  1. wake up with my weird Doraemon dreams and mild headache
  2. help my mum doing the praying stuff
  3. started to dye hair...
  4. while dying hair, Sweep and mop floor
  5. took a bath 
  6. Lunch~
  7. relax...maybe do some home work(that I bring home)
  8. reunion dinner~~
  9. collect ang pow!!





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