Papa's day~

Saturday, March 12, 2011
Daddy's Birthday~
Brother had booked a dinner at EURO-DELI restaurant

Western food is their main dishes

is large and in reasonable price.
then i found this notice. it is  the burger contest!

this is the original size.. you see,
Is larger than my brother's face!

is like 9 inches large!!

Here is the burger sample!

So coincidentally there is one guy there taking this challenge.
by 45mins, he has to finished this burger,
If not, he have to pay RM88!
if you win, there are a lot of prizes besides free charges for this large burger.

How could you finished it???!

here are the pictures where every guy take a challenge, but loses...

Take a close looks>>>
"the worst 45mins in my life" one of the guy said.

If you would like to take this challenge,
please call one day earlier for them to prepare.

okie, back to topic
our free breads

we ordered beerssss

drank beer in front of parent is my 1st time!
but only half pint each person. hehehe.

our food...
big sausage

pork leg... a quarter


 and, my dad's birthday cake

 It is very funny, cause only we 4 ppl,
my brother and I still considering wanna sing birthday song if presenting this cake,
However this restaurant had play birthday song.
wahhaha.. my dad *blushed* =)

Vanilla fruity cake

 here is the restaurant address





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