Sunday, May 29, 2011
Money spend like water, flow out without flow in
alright, I spend again, in Tropicana mall.
There, mum encourage me to buy clothessssss
okay, don't blame others

there also having a cake deco competitions~
lets see their cake
the demo

this is their table
one hour.. they could decorate till so colorful
u know? some of them have architecture background!
they should have very high qualification though.
the globe cake got the 2nd prize. i wonder... the globe is edible?
i love the pink cake
cute statue
donald duck
which deco by a guy!!
too bad he din win
green one
cute baby birth cake
colorful one
she got the 1st!
how they made this??

i love the bear

here is Amanda's arts
she is having an art class there too
so we meet them up
playing at the playground
well... i don't know what is this. 

arts... who knows?? only art people know





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