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Sunday, May 29, 2011
I'm not pretty busy on this lovely weekend
as you can see I can shop yesterday and today is home sessions
especially he is not in KL
No, I'm not complaining he taking my time when in KL
however I got to find something to do for not making myself too bored
watching whole day drama make me Sick
facing monitor more than 10 hours per day sometimes could made my eyes hurt.

For not neglecting my tools and materials
I'm up to something.
especially when after I saw those beautiful deco cakes yesterday.

is time for my itchy hand~
click 'more'

Before my itchy hands starts,
let me begin with my itchy nail painting
greenish purple
really made my fingers looks more... poisonous!
is a sharp color it and hate it as well
how do I made the dots?
I'm using the end edge of toothpicks 
tat's all, it'd become like a stamp
stamped all the dots.

the next morning (means today)
I decided to change into leopard prints
I know leopard prints had outdated.. Still I like the pinky plain one.
here you go... nice?
again, without using any brush
paint the shimmer white nail color background (skin food)
then with Etude house bright pink
using edge of toothpick( u notice the color on the toothpick)
and the liner of the leopard prints by using the sharp end of toothpicks
black shimmer liner from Etude house too
you know, it is easier than I thought!
all you got to do is dip and stamp..
of course liner u got to draw a bit
I'm a right hand girl, but i could draw well using my left hand by using this method.
lovely~ (self satisfaction)
share with you my beloved accessories at the moment
I bought this Cinderella's horse carriage with her 'glass shoe'
it is chaining on the carriage car. lolz
guess u know why Cinderella cant find her shoe.
(Real Cinderella carriage can be ordered!! click here)

okay, it is Necklace! 
only RM10.90 sell in Tropicana mall...

oops, not to forget the Bali Bangle from Miao
I love it too
except that it is too loose for me
however I still wear it often, as I can push till my upper arm!!
is a differ style and unique

this is the previous necklace that I bought in F-block
don't misunderstood, I still love it as before
just want to do some changes over
see the changes??
I added a yellow rose on it
and a teardrop bead.
not much differ I know
Still... some changes make me feels great to look at it =)


{ Nava Krishnan } at: May 29, 2011 at 7:52 PM said...

thats lovely outcome after all the work done on the nails.

{ cklim } at: May 30, 2011 at 2:09 AM said...

you're talented on this, should make use of your skills :)

{ MINA LEONG } at: June 7, 2011 at 5:27 PM said...

u're really good!!! and i love ur leopard print nails.. =)




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