The changes

Sunday, June 5, 2011
It had been  a lot of changes these few years time
I should have felt thankful of changes
The biggest changes of all, my look (frm aunty to young gal)
few things I'm glad all the cosmetic had change what My appearance
  1. Rebonding, which made my natural curly hair looks silky straight
  2. contact lens, no need spec any more and made my eyes bigger
  3. the above 2 things already made the biggest changes of me.
  4. follow up by fake lash, & double eyelid stickers/glue~
*ps.: miao, i had used the double eyelid fiber~ it is nice!
lastly, thanks to photo editing software = P

lets welcome a new born to the world~
She is Amanda's sister, she wil be as sexy as Megan fox in future
she is having the same birthday as my brother =)
gosh, I'm 25yrs older than her....big gap!
really...i'm an aunty already

Who moved my cheese training
teaches us how to use changes as a gain
cup cake.. purple with yellow dots is grapes flavor
yellow with purple dots is choco flavor~
our training consist of 4 meals.. and is FREE

alright, this is my working desk
as clean as ... my first day work
sorry, actually I'd hide all my papers under my table
i've got stacks of papers...
just that some VVIP is coming, we have to hide every single papers under the table
took this only one pic for my memory... cleanest table ever!


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: June 7, 2011 at 10:52 AM said...

serious ????????????? show me when we meet !!




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