In Love with Rest.less

Friday, June 10, 2011
 p.s. photo just not related to topics~ ignore it ^_^
I'm not complaining that I don't have time to rest
In deep, I really appreciate I can compact my life, made it so beautiful and lively everyday
No doubts, even in the office
I enjoy working here
I enjoy the environment
I enjoy talking with colleagues
even though my work load is still heavy as long as I got a happy environment 
with also I'm working well on this job.
(FYI, this is not the job I always wanted, I accept it as a truth that, nothing is perfect and not everything is under own  control)

Besides some of part of the management didn't done quite well (esp increment!)
we also have to depend on our own performance for promotions.

Last 2 days, I was on MC.(medical leave)
then I realized this is my first MC for this company after 8 months of working there.
Believe me or not? I hardly took MC for busy jobs,
however I have taken few MCs for my previous quite-free job.
you know, too busy to get sick.
Is not a serious sickness anyway, but I've infected with flu on and off for pass few months
Doctors said I have nose sensitives, but I don't think so....
so.. why not get a day off?
I actually enjoyed staying at home that day off, eat sleep, eat sleep and eat sleep again. no PC!
I've got the most powerful day on the next day.

I'm ready for the go!
to Melaka~ with my crazy team mates =)


{ cheryl } at: June 10, 2011 at 10:58 PM said...

yea!good,enjoy yr trip 2ml!!!

u also will go take leave,aiii..
for me,i work until now never take medical leave b4,even sick,also need go to work--->scared cant finished ma...hhahahaha




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