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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
When I view via HK Pictures, I realized I did not post all yet~
Especially FOOD.
Dear Ju Lee bring me to Australia Dairy to try their cream milk products for a high calcium breakfast
(i tot Australia shd be got a lot?)
this shop located at Jordan Street
heard that there are always crowded
but when we go in, we are lucky enough to have a place
but sooner or later, we got to share table with others
really, I'm not very keen on reading Chinese menu 
esp chinese without English words
I'm still slow, as those words/food that I hardly tried
as the waitesr are so in-hurry(actually is efficient) ...i'm stressed for few seconds
plus, i'm a translator =P

Steam egg white with milk HKD18
I ordered upon breakfast set
I kinda like milk sometimes.. especially fresh one.(don like powder type)
while Ju Lee's not.
she is so kind enough to bring me go for it and looking me taking this
of cause she had her breakfast set too.
one sip, taste like pudding with powerful creamy milk taste
I chose hot one. Hot pudding. LOLz

HKD24 Breakfast set
Macaroni With Hams
actually I don't know i ordered this
nor shall I said I don't know this macaroni is include in the set
Macaroni called 通粉
I really need to resit my chinese.
is nothing special bout this.

Scrambled/fried egg toast
it is thoroughly spread egg scramble.. (ignore my descriptions)
I'm not really into eggs, but not fried or scrambled ones
moisture enough and fluffy~

Then this set also came with Milk Tea.
gosh, i really miss the milk tea there
hm... i think teh tarik will be a replacement for me =)


{ rumtum tigger } at: July 30, 2011 at 4:06 PM said...

o.o still blogging abt HK?
i miss the stupid, cheap but pretty good baked tomato pork rice at Cafe de Coral..
of all places, of all food i miss that place?! hehehe




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