An eager attempt

Friday, July 29, 2011
I'm aiming this right now
limited edition  >.<
RM298..(shown on the link above)
I don't know why I have such strong attempt on LOMO now.
basically, I first know about lomo 7-8years ago
My friend who came across this was really interested and wanted to buy one
I was merely agree with her although I found the photos are quite beautful
then I lost contact with her after short courses
I knew she bought one and this empower my thoughts.
I'd been thinking wanted or not for over years now.

for the past few years, my strong feelings of having lomo camera are gaining
still, I lie myself through edit normal pictures with photoshop
Maybe I'm not so pro enough, I can't had the effect I wanted!!(fail!)
the feeling is faded again until lately...
one of my colleague thought that buying from china website is cheaper
I help her survey that she is wrong, they are almost same price as what M'sia's lomo sell.
slowly...little by little, my inner interest is bursting again
and this time was like seriously looking through everything
I was like the one who wanted to buy than her. =P

I'd been asking one lomo colleague, glad she did gave some idea
film lomo does most original effect, it is better than digital,
 u cant deny.
However the film price, developing pictures cost is 'don play play'
seriously thinking over, I think i still choose digital lomo (Minimo X)
which has the following features:
- casual + snapshot photography
- Double-exposure
- Intense vignetting = Tunnel Effect
- Over-saturated colors
- Artistic + Dramatic

most important, it is small and with small display screen!!!
I wanted it so badly NOW...immediately... bleh!
ok, i'll just control my attempt for a while.. maybe..





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