Sunday, November 13, 2011
Went all the way to sunway Giza,
Kidnapped WC & Cm to show me the road there
Went to F block and bought this super high heels.
Actually I'd seen this heels in fblock nearby my hs
just that I've been thinking issit necessary?
still.. i don wan to regret and when I got there yesterday, it is out of stock!
I remember there is outlet at pyramid, leisure mall and Giza, I chose Giza.
So i kidnap my friends to bring me there.
Cm look at me and said: u can walk with this heels?
I'm so uncertain cause i nvr try b4
lucky it is not killer heel, coz they don hav sharp edge.
I'm walking fine~
and when I stand up, I'm actually same height as CM. she is 162 cm i think.
Yes, i'm short.
love this!





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