when 11.11.11

Sunday, November 13, 2011
Spending a day in my office with cute colleagues...
That's my day~

using her Samsung Galaxy to play with lomo apps
My little cactus (no torns) growing so healthy
i might need to find a bigger pot
my everyday needed key board

pencil card~, my stationery

stamp water bottle

ginger bread man
We went to watch : you are the apple of my eye
it is funny whereby all the childhood things float my mind
of cause I'm not like the main actress that famous (being chased by every guy)
I love the way they made us laugh
and the characteristic are so similar to every class must have attitude.
it is worth for a watch to refresh your memory
a final conclusion from this movie and from my bf,
Guys like girls to tie a high up & tidy pony tail!!





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