Lovey Dovey

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Yes, my dreams come true, and some unexpected things too~
The V'day falls on Tuesdays
while we hardly go out on weekdays

Still I beg him to go out with me after my class at KL town area
it is already 9pm!! and he agreed! YAY~
while I was in the class, i received his watsapps that he is stuck in the jam
from his office to Pavilion took him 2hours!
Seems like everyone heading to town for celebrations~

I saw ever corner was selling roses
He hardly come to KL alone, unless I bring him
Cause he never remember all the inside mall map route
for men, I understood, besides highways, they would never explore the malls!
I really appreciated and glad he made it
I was so worry he might get lost in Pavilion
and I want him to wait there so that I can find him once after class.

after the class, I called him and he said he is at the Fahrenheit's entrance
I never thought he will come to the door step. hehe~
well, he asked those around when coming along to the mall
I saw him taking a pink recycle bag and he immediately hand me a rose!
*blushed* cause is my first time received in public~
but on this day, seems normal to have this scene.
then he gave me the bag as a present

this is what I'm unexpected.
glad he made it to dinner together and also manage to rush-buy the gift
how happy I'm (my colleague said I smile till no eyes)
not to waste any time, we walked ourselves to Pavilion for dinner

every restaurant is crowded at this hour
I'm a simple girl, since we both are starving
we agreed to go on food court.
and so we went into not so crowded Ramen shop
Just as we sat down, A waiter handed bf a rose and asked to gave 'your girlfriend' (me) immediately
we both stunned and he did what had asked
and for the second time, i felt my face warm for another degree higher~

we chat along and so we got home
a peck then I gave him the bears with chocolates.
Thank you for being able to make this night.
A Valentine's day might be so commercial to every couple
which may caused jealousy of competency 
nevertheless, the expensive of a present that you would received
However, girls nowadays always having the wrong concept of all
not everything that cost highest would be the best
not every thing shall made him spent
A simple delighted time together
made a treasure of us both
I love the way being pampered 
I glad he could pick me up and be the half driver of the day
I like the simple dinner that we enjoy
and every minutes you were by my side.
Love u~


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: February 20, 2012 at 8:41 PM said...

Lovely and cute celebration ^^

{ Rum Tum Cat } at: February 20, 2012 at 8:42 PM said...

Thumb up for kw




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