a day of luck?

Saturday, February 18, 2012
Enough of love story
It's a fine night (Friday)
When I was driving to class
it is raining.. and it is quite jam
AND the police blocked the way we want to go.

at last minutes without knowing the other road to the center
we were directed to a VERY JAM road
so...after I turned over, I think I drove to a familiar road
and here... levain~ I came again
we decided to take a break and skipped class!!
no, just me only. =P 
had a expensive dinner
and expensive BREAD
but it is nice
total relax, shd be a luck?
Macaroon rusk RM6.50

Charcoal bread~ 
black dark but nice
it is rather fragrance
with a dark chocolate and a bit crispy bite
play with macaroon rusk

want some? AHhhh~


Right, another piece of my friend had get back
ju Lee ~ from Australia.
but oh.. she flew to HK again
yes, AGAIN, to have a vacation there
leng lui~
We had a fine reunion among girls





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