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Wednesday, June 20, 2012
A day of my another friend declared not single any more
She is officially married and as a wife.
when i asked her feeling, she just kept saying : sad, no more open market.
she is...Win Kai, My university bestie
we live nearby when we were at Uni, and then when i went back home after graduated
she said she want moved nearby me
I know she can't leave without me... (joking)
and she really did moved and stay nearby me
now they both bought a NEST also nearby my house. lol
I guess she wont leave me any further than 1KM.I'm glad. =)
Is her good day, ROM (Registration of Marriage)
When she told me that she got proposed, is after half year of the day happened 
she got her point
and she told me after she settled everything
she just don't want disappointed us all perhaps.

I took half day leaves quite last minutes after i know my work is backed up
and so Her husband bring her a bouquet of flowers and she expressed like we all help her husband to buy this flower... cause she always complain her BF not romantic, no flowers except when she at graduation ceremony... 

took a picture before she went into the room
rings~ so envy~
i can see both of them keep smiling sweetly 

I'd done something...embarrassing !
i tot of recording both of them vowing, but after they finished and i took off
i then realized i did not press 'record' button at all >.<
sorry Win ...
Wish them both happily ever after
Pretty bride to be.

another funny moment, they want to throw flower
and out of their friends, I'm the only single lady there
"just pass to me, no need throw la~" I said
and no, they want photo effect.
so... i really am the only one run to catch. o_o"
sounds like I'm very desperate.
then they said: I'm the next one ~
LOL, of cause! Because no ladies are single there anymore. 

well, I like her! Kinda touching to see this happy moments. ^_^


{ MsXeRoZ Nicole } at: June 21, 2012 at 8:51 PM said...

COngratulations on becoming witness!!! HAHA.. Well congratulations to Win Kai and hubby for officially MARRIED!!

*happy for them*

Oh ya, if they need official photographer, should recommend TianChad la! =) He's really good!

{ Blur Pei } at: June 26, 2012 at 11:03 PM said...

sure~ let them know then =)




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