Bangkok 3

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Hi all! is Bangkok water splitting day! well, too bad the flight ticket is too expensive during this season.
Update the 3rd day~ of our last month's bkk trip.

we took a walk to pratunum market for second haul and straight to Central world for Naraya shopping
Inside shop was... really crazy, they were like FOC. 
So do I, I keep taking bags(within budget la)
It's third day, we walked like the legs were not ours.
plus we took a lot of stuff. I request for a taxi.
However it is too near to our hotel, taxi does not want to take us
instead, ask tuk tuk for fetching us in 100Bht.
What we waiting for?
It is my first time tuk tuk ride. 
Four of us squeeze in small tuk tuk
and I feels like riding a roller coaster... they drove like... fast and furious.

After a rest and put down our things in hotel
we heading to terminal 21
and from since, my toe somehow pain like hell
it is toilet tour I might said
terminal 21 has it unique design, where each floors are from different countries layout.

So do the toilet.
As Cm's wish, she wan to went for every toilet and take a look

unique! seems like had been to london, rome, Japan.. etc

While taking pictures...
I dono why, cm & wc lost.
Miao said they went for a look at guys shop
so then we waited them
after 15mins, no sign... coz we all did not buy any local sim cards.
if we four lost, means no contact.. unless went to public phones or wait at hotel.
miao and I decided to have a tea, since we both doesn't want to buy anything.
and I walked like cacat people who need a tongkat.
worse come to worst, we will have to go to information center and make for announcement.
at last... they came ~.~"

and is Asiatique time
we having a dilemma for choosing which transport should we take.
Taxi or boat.
Miao said, it is a trip, shall experience Boat ride!!
yes, is true. I'm not regretting on this free shuttle boat ride.
although my feet is pain like hell, it is worth. 
I rely on counter pain relief much. hehe~

the dinner we had in (above)

it is a breath taking place... so beautiful.
Some sort of funny things happen here
my friend had booked spring restaurant.
I did not really check the place and route, so i bet they know the location...
they said is near to Asiatique, and then... we could not find it
when we asked ppl there.. they said is not ard here. is somewhere far ahead.
well... we just gave up and decided to eat somewhere expensive at Asiatique.
So we choose typical expensive Thai cuisine restaurant, near the river.
Sorry, I forgot what is this restaurant call
we ordered usual Tom Yam
CM started questioning us: u all already ate 2 days of tom yam, won't u feel....
we: No! is in Thailand, have to taste all the restaurants with differ tom yam la of course!!!
she have to give in some how. muahahahha~
we stay till night time, to see the lights.
it is a pretty place. But is not a good place to spend here.
eat will do. =P 





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