no ugly woman but lazy one

Monday, April 1, 2013
Last time when I was young, i always want to be a grown up woman, so that I could apply many things on face, so that I look good. I dono y I have this idea.

And now I grown, and I don't like to become older. I have to use a lots of skincare or make up for bring up another younger me. I sometimes do lazy apply anything on my face, however the next day, you won't look better. Not that I exaggerate.

A lots of skin care is  easily affordable, but you do not which one is the best. Pathetic!  call me lazy woman!

In short, there is no ugly woman but lazy one. =)

*by the way, when I'm young, I doesn't looks pretty at all. (because I did not apply anything!!) hahaha~





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