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Tuesday, July 16, 2013
I am not a good blogger who update things.
I'm recently occupied by trips and business trips.
 Legoland~ I got myself joining the company out station trip
 It is worthwhile as the package is partially paid by company.
 And I got to go with my beloved colleagues
Proudly announced that Malaysia legoland is the 6th in the world.
It is more suitable for kids. Adults like us just enjoyed the structure of the lego system
 We amazed by the architecture of building the legoland and also miniworld 
they build most of the KL town, including KLCC and pudu area.
I once asked if job available for building it like just playing lego.
then my friend said: nah, you thought building lego is easy? they got pro cert on this,
I think you at least need an engineering/IT background to create the buildings? 
look here

okay, lets stop for the lego thing.

Besides busying with trips, I also busying with my business trip recently.
Need to do a lot of preparations, run data, do testing, present again, call customers...etc
despite being occupied by the trip preparations, we also partly take my superior's job due to she is on maternity leaves. I could tell you, I have no time to spare. I do really wanted to spend an empty weekend just day dream. 

This is a long trip to Shandong province, Rizhao, China.
As one of our biggest customer's factory was there.
Believe me, no one could ever go there for a tour. except locals.

There is no direct flight from KLIA to Rizhao. 
I have to transit at Beijing, then wait for few hours, flight to Qingdao airport, and took 2hours car to Rizhao hotel. It took about 12hours to reached destination.

Not only that, what horrified us is that, we did not take our luggage bag when transit.
Alright, is our first time taking transit, for our own perceptive, bag should follow us to the final destinations.
we were wrong!!! and we waited our luggage to return to us for hours, we waited in airport Qingdao.
after confirmed bag will be arrived at night, we just went back to Rizhao for rest.
As we took midnight flight, we are already not sleep for more than 24hours.
We drag ourselves to supermarket to bought clothes and water.
Our presentation things was in my luggage bag, and we need to re-prepare everything before we could rest.

I thought I'll be too nervous to fall asleep (as I'm gonna present for most of the time),
However, my tiredness just made me slept like a pig.
and the next day, everything was fine luckily.
So we took car back to airport to collect our luggage. This took us 4hrs car ride.

As famous Tsingtao beer is near to Rizhao, we definitely have to try.
 we bought a 500ml can for only RMB5.60. 

 our company main buildings
 the factory
 our presentation rooms
 some of my interaction china colleagues.
As i processes claims, everyone just remembered that I'm the one rejected their claims.
I'm not really get use to their food and culture. 
well I wish all the best to them.

Over the weekend, we spend 2nights in Qingdao.
I went to the scenic Ba Da Guan area. They really has good nice building.
partly is because German ruled in Qingdao before world war 2.
so there are still some german building remain there. 
This is also the reason why the beer are famous and cheap there. 

Hard feelings rule over June and July this year.
People leaves our daily life, as I understand it could not be control anyway.
Just felt... helpless and sad.
 I know that they still stay anywhere around the world.
However the contact of the person i care with everyday will become lesser
 I got to stay tough. 
keep in touch with all of you.
I don't wish to have farewell with all of you
I wish to continue having gathering with you all over again.
I shall say no good bye to you. 
Please Take good care of yourself.
Live happier than now. 
All the best. Muacks!!!





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