An Opportunity

Sunday, August 11, 2013
Why it is an opportunity? This has to start when my team lead get pregnant, and she will be taking maternity leaves for 2months and so, I was chosen to be one of the person travel to China to give discussion.  My FL(Function lead) will be going there with me as well. However she is not familiar with China work thing & read chinese, so I got to be there.  It is my first business trip oversea. I'm not going to somewhere like Beijing or Nanjing, but Rizhao. (Please google) it is somewhere quite near to Korea.

We had start preparing since March. I'd never got to involve in so many presentations before, and I was going to perform presentation like 3days in China (But only half day) with Chinese language, to China people too! So kan cheong. I never got a good sleep till before it is over.

My company is good enough to let us travel with MAS.In KLIA my self and FL was pretty tension. (First time travel with superior) Well, lets calculate how long shall we be in the airport and plane.

MAS pillow and blanket. Cause we depart on 12:25am
There is no direct flight to Rizhao. We have to transit in Beijing, wait 3hours then took their local flight to Qingdao. After that will need 2 hours ride to reach Rizhao. More than 16hrs for the journey.
Besides that, unexpected thing happen. Our luggage lost! 
shall said we did not know we need to collect our luggage at Beijing before to Qingdao.
No one tell us! and we are first time transit traveler.....  damn.
We quickly asked for help and they are trying hard to call Beijing airport baggage area to look for our bag.
shall said we haven't get a good sleep since the day before (cause monday working, tuesday 12am flight). It is like more than 24hours, we are not sleeping. we waited till 5pm. 
after getting confirm luggage will be coming at night. we went back to Rizhao.
Finally reached hotel and we got to shop for our clothes the next day.

Rizhao artwell hotel is the best. It is our china's corporate hotel
good service

mosquitoes repellent
It is lucky that we have the contact of China office's admin. She help us even we call her after working hour.  She even worried us and want us to give taxi details as not prepared by her. I felt people in Rizhao is so friendly... not all people is the same.

We slept at 10pm, and we went to office the next day.  We were so tired to remember/nervious about out presentation. Unexpected, the meeting is finished so fast, smoothly!
Rizhao town
bought the famous beer
office main building
Below are the person who help me a lot with works
meeting room

the girl who help us to prepare everything when we are in trouble
canteen food. it does not look good, but taste good.

we went to celebrate ourselves
China office small showroom
The end of our business trip.
we went to Qingdao for our personal traveling fun
we booked a hotel near all shopping malls

by walking less than 5mins, it is shopping already
see, this is an empty street
by 4.30pm, everyone runs. we thought what happen.
rupa-rupanya, they all start installing their own stall.
by 30mins, their 'pasar malam' begins!
Imagine how fast they can be. without any lines, they know where is their stall is!
somewhere like Sg wang.
the souvenir area. I can tell you, this place is like TAO BAO.
just that they did not sell clothes or big things.
my FL's favorite
No ice in the city =.=
we eat 烧饼 with 馄饨 (bake biscuits? and wonton)
I saw everyone ate a bowl with 12biji inside. O.O
me and FL just share.
here is the crowd and pasar malam at night

people mountain people sea
next day we heading to our destination

taxi with touch screen!
Badaguan scenic area
is a place where old German people build their houses.
it became a park (but still people staying in there)
so we are unable to get in.
many types of buildings.. everywhere from europes.
just felt like we walking in Europe country without ang mo. ahahha
except this 花石楼
build like a castle

Kinda love this building.
it is so pretty

Actually this trip is last minute planing. 
we somehow stuck in no where after this scenic area. 
I took out my guide book and ask taxi driver.
we do really looks like tourist this time. 
He is good enough to bring us somewhere and just paid RMB10.

but we did go to some where need entrance fee of RMB200 in total
to the TV tower and cable car ride.
we see nothing bur mist
cable car can go to 3 places as well.
open air cable car. >.<

feel like flying~~

at last the park.

Went to china must try their traditional Chinese food
Pumpkin nuts porridge. it taste like tong sui
Peidan zouk!
we went to the classic western cafe for a rest
Last but not least. for the last night we spend out our money to SHOPPING!
Glad that we both did buy something we love. 

To my surprise, my FL is so nice to be with. 
at first I thought she is a super strict serious superior.
At personal life, she is quite understanding and whatever I suggest she said:Cin Cai lar..
maybe she is not used to china country, she is more on western side.

That's all~





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