Tuesday, August 20, 2013
I still keep busy no matter after the business trip or before. I'd only manage to send out my minutes one month later. How bad employee am I.
Suppose to be a sad month on July.  However his company set a delay for his flight to Brunei. Whereas not a good news when I know he only can take a chance back once after 3months. Right, August is my biggest sadness. Bah.

I thought I'm able to get trough as times passes by with the delay. I keep convince myself everyday that, he will be away, like maybe now, I shall prepare mentally. For not break out crying.

I'm not the type of girl that physically depend on bf. However missed the time when we meet every once a week. I miss those moments laughing with him together, the way he laugh at my silly jokes, I missed his expressions, miss the way we holding hands like a small matters to others but meant a lot to us, miss his cuddle with me together in cinema (he is my movie partner), miss the whole lots of him in front of me. But yes I've to admit that I'm very emotionally attached to him. 

Perhaps is good that I could keep on busy on my job, but when stops, I could not be hold. I wished I could be stronger. I do not want to add extra burden on him as well as his job already is a stressful thing. May all the best to him and his future. I hope in future you will see the different in me. The changes along the journey together with you no matter is now or future, i hope this is just the beginning. Challenge rise again.  

Loves you~





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