Random Pei 1.9.13

Sunday, September 1, 2013
Good evening~

It's all begin with him. He had headed to Brunei for work. So damn miss him (rude, I know)

Pass few weeks our company held a team building at port dickson.
This time at Thistle resort.
I can say that it is more interesting than ever. As more movements and activities with games.
compare with last few years ago, but it is also tiring!
with Cynthia.
May yun~

my darling
cute shen li
France team! i'd got a lot of like!
clappers on my head. 
I've went to try Thai street food along Old Klang Road.
It's somewhere like open air with atap houses for the environment.
it is always filled with crowds
Luckily we came early after work.
some where good heat environment
Ordered Thai's must have, Tom Yam Gong
I can tel you that taste there were pretty sour.
Spicy wise is normal. average level of spicy range can eat it
lime salted grilled fish
it is fresh enough for you yo eat, slurp!
Roast port neck is the best.
THis is the only non spicy dish we ordered
petai asam prawn. another sourly yummy dish!
Food there is rather more expensive than expected. Dish is around RM20 above.
why not try for once?

another remarkable time is when my ordered stuff is arrived.
excited to use it. =)
my books from book fair last few weeks ago.
finished some of it.
oh oh... the 'mother, where am I come from?" is for my friend.
don't misunderstand.   





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