Sunday, September 1, 2013
Cosmetics lover like me, currently in love for 3 Concept Eyes and ordered from website.  A well known products in Korea, but not in Malaysia yet. I help friends ordered and we all got free shipping after few amount.

First and for most, you will need to know your skin tone is whether is warm color or cold color. As warm color (more to yellowish skin) is suitable for more orange/earth color shade or gold color. While for Cold skin type, more suitable for silver type accessories and pinkish/blur tone.
Lip pigments, is famous for its color and you can play around by mixing with other colors.
ordered Bright Orange and Modern White. Was ordering Electro Pink, however there is no stock.
Bright Orange doesn't really show very bright color.  it depend on your lips color.
It is moisture enough for your lips and when mixed with white, it became pastel orange color. love it.
each tube with 11g. Just a little squeeze, you can apply all over your lips.
needed to re-apply after every meal.

Cream blusher, coral coral. 
smeared out easily when apply on cheek and become natural!
immediately it turns to powder form. just one tiny bit, it is enough for whole day!

I am more to natural nude color now. 
chose matte color is my favorite nowadays. Plus with my Naked2 pallets~I can't crave for more!
Vanilla Macaron- It creates a matte feeling and strongly increase vivid black liner of your eyes
makes your eyes shape more define in this case.

Vanilla Macaron - right one
Vanilla - Left
While Vanilla contains pearls shimmers that brighten your eyes level
This two can make a contour of mixture even is not heavy color
but it is simple and nice when daily usage. 
right, I do not have high definition camera, so picture above is Park Sora model from Korea. (click here)
Finally, the mint green color that I search so long had found.
Love it!!
You can see the tested color below:
The packages came with free gift, which is nail remover Tissue.
I never thought that it is damn useful!!
By this one little sheet, I can wipe off 20 nail polish!! (Including my feet one)
Best is it is acetone free. Where to find this good stuff in M'sia?!
Mainly I can feel that it is more of oily base. Which removed easily without any cotton wool trapped between your nails.

That's all for my items review.
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