Day out!~

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Used make up 3CE's cream blusher, Lip pigments and eye shadow
Out for long gone gathering with the ex colleagues.

 pretty love the casual today~
 Long waited driver
Her skill good wan leh~

 fetch the drama queen, Priscilla
 Is my turn to camwhore in her car
 meet Moni
 Korean pop Priscilla
 shy shy Theresa
 fish eye borrowed from Priscilla

 A happy belated birthday cake for Moni.
We gave a surprise, and Five of us ate all!!!! 
500g..... it is creamy delicious.
Don belief?  we also ate lunch before this. who said girls don't have 2nd stomach?

Then Group picture.
We had nice chat till 6pm!

 Left 3 of us after that.
I'm not cooperative at all

 3 of us saw this set of necklace.
Immediately we felt that it is ours
 I need a wish/hope for what is happening to my family
Darling chasing loves of her life
Priscilla is striving for her dream to come true
 Next hang out Arena Diner: near to Masjid Jamek
 Sell reluctantly cheap apple cider!
 Food also simple and nice.

 satisfied especially with them 
In another side of Malaysia,
He shared me this.
The huge cup that I present him few years ago.
He bring it there! 
He said he not used to small cup anymore....
top fella cup
 Miss him dearly.





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