Saturday Delight

Saturday, September 7, 2013
Went for a supervisory excellence training for the last 2 days at Amcorp mall.  Kinda is my first time got this external training outside company and I can back off early! That's the part I love about training.
wanna learn how to manager ppl as a team :P
Then I last minutes decide to join HR Fish club's Free movie ticket yesterday.  Right, is friday and is FREE, so why not? We've got GSC signature movie ticket watch 'Riddick'.  Basically is what V.Diesel acted character in this part of movie. Kinda bloody in this movie. My colleague said watch this movie felt pain over him all way long. Agree with it. It is a bit of violence and I actually do not know what is Riddick.  He does looks like human, but he has an eyes that silvery color.  He could not see in the day, but dark is his best vision.  He is from the other planet which wanted to find another planet for his residence to live on, but manatau kena trick by others brought to this alien world. The way he survive is somewhat unbelievable pain, but he does not give up easily though.  Goodness. Does he survive at last? you go watch it.
I'd saw a friend of mine went to this cafe, and found out it is nearby my house. 
immediately asked my friend to join me breakfast on Saturday.
It is peacefully quiet cause I reached there early.
it is just opposite RT pastry and on 1st floor.
when you touch down the corridor, you will see this delicious menu.
breakfast set is recommended.
I recommend coffee lover to try there. all they mostly have is coffee brew one.
As 1st customer waiting friends, I took some picture out of no one.
the menu is very friendly, it shows the different of taste each coffee.
either you want it more bitter or more sour.
While coffee you've got to choose syphon type or hand drip type.
it is smoking area, considering balcony type
with long bench sushi bar high chair
brightness shines in, create a relax atmosphere.
few red sofas and coffee table for friends chatting
tables available for eating

I chose syphon home blend coffee.
I love to drink coffee, but mostly I blindly drink coffee. I like to add sugar for some bitter sweetness.
I always thought coffee is bitter, but afterwards will be sweet as depend on your taste buds.  
I had forgot about the sourness contrast or bring out the original tastiness of the unique coffee.
And today I taste it. I drink it without sugar this time. Firstly bite a small piece of biscuits, sip one gulp, and the aromas just slide down your throat and stay in your mouth and nose. First time ever love this feeling.
my weekend breakfast set (without coffee)
another more cheesy breakfast set with coffee included.

And I got the chance to meet this little one.
she is shy when meeting me.
then she sit there quietly observe me as to adapt to me (this aunty)
bring out the hello kitty stationery set and she is so happy nao
immediately after that she quite get use to me and 'friend' with me.
she even show me this face that looks like the funny pic in her mum's phone.
then I catch her to take more selfie picture.
She pose whatever I'm doing. FUnny and cute.
her mum that said.. this two big and little crazy fella. 
Well, who is she? she is my god daughter lar. teehee.

Await Cafe
9-1-5, Jalan 3/109F, Taman Danau Desa, 
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: ( Mon-Wed) 11.00am- 8.00pm
                       (Fri) 11.00am-8.00pm
                       (Sat- Sun) 9.00am- 8.00pm
                       Off every Thursday
Contact: 03- 7971 0978
Facebook: Await Cafe

Well, Saturday surfing with facebook really make me super duper envy
I don't know why everyone seems to chose to go vacation on the same period
friends and friends all went to beach already. ARGHHH
I want to... .... all wait I let you all envy me. hahahah!

alright, this is my half Saturday gone to...
next will be a family night and house core iron woman i'll become.
brother now is the chef cooking spaghetti for lunch.
there goes my tummy. 





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