Cultural night

Friday, November 8, 2013
It is photo boom blog post for today~
Last 2 weeks, my company having this cultural night Annual Dinner. Thanks to my friend's wife, she willing to borrow me her expensive yukata.  Here you go~

With Shen Li & Christy

the red carpet

pretty Peri new china team member

like always, my darling.
 I helped her make up and Turn to be my favorite. Some how I like her make up more than myself.

very new Lucas

Cindy, the teddy lover! she is with china team

Horng Shi, also under china team

Pei Cheng, the acting senior now~

Nichole who also china team

Elbrine~ know her since I get into Averis

my Function lead, Janice, who went to Rizhao with me

Eugene, the part timer

us with all the costume

May Yun, ex claims team senior

Cynthia, my sifu!

with ee teng & emily (ex team senior)

guess what, we got the consolation prize on performance

Ai Ping, the re-hire

Tower lead, the iron lady 

Jane, new comer also!

singing is our performance!


That is all~ bye~





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