Boracay 2nd day

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Before I would start this blog post, there are updates from my 'boyfriend to fiancee' post. Where finalizing whether we did kiss on air or not? Click here .

It was another brand new day~ I woke at 4.30am, and sun shine on 5.30am!!! So god early the sun rise.
I was over excited to see the sea, so I'm awaken.  Too bad our hotel does not facing sea, I've to quickly eat breakfast and run to the sea!

But first, let me take a selfie. hahahaha

Our villa came with breakfast. Not buffet style, but a few breakfast choices for you to choose. Include western, locals or asian. They could served in the room too~

sunny side up, sausages, and toast. And my COFFEE his juice.
love this view

our small villa, but 2 storey!

I like this picture when he capture

selfie with him

do you see me?

have to put X-large for you to see

5 mins walk down the beach 
Morning's clarity is not that nice, there are a lot moss in the water.
The locals are clearing the waste.


while walking along the beach, he kena stopped by the agentsss
godness of sea activities in his hand.

My boyfie was discussing while I leave all decisions to him. 
So I keep capture pictures. Saw my shadow?

So right, from the proposal post , you guys know what happen, and I'd to changed again.
will meet the agent at 9am

while waiting the agent busying calling people.

He bring us near to station 2, we had to sign up like an agreement before get of to see.
this place is where I notice,  a lot of koreans were ready to go to sea too.

while waiting...

we got together in a boat with a family of 4.
the husband is Pholipino working in Singapore, so his english is good.

after snorkeling look
It surprised us, we need to give another small fund...during snorkeling.
should be snorkeling fee?

Love the turquoise

Another stop at Puka beach for lunch

I do not know where the hell this sotong come from

there are a lot of mobile seller for their bracelet, snake bones bracelet, necklace as well and angled ....

He choose for me one. This is quite unique, cause after that we could not find the same in Boracay.
and this bracelet is like PHP250?

Pajack.. kinda...expensive.
we ordered grilled fish and prawns with garlic
fish is sell by gram.

some picture along

a view while waiting for speed boat bring us to parachute sailing

right, this process was in proposal post too...for details

finally tried Jonah's fruit shake!!!
somewhere near our villa @ station one.
It is damn nice i tell ya.
don't ever missed it.
heard some blogger said the shake is sweet. I ordered Choco banana shake, it fits my taste buds well!!!
you know when u sip in your mouth, do not swallow first, get a few bites, and it's ice blended and juice is awesome!! then swallow it, u'll feel the smoothness flow down your throat... no, i'm not over exaggerate.
you just want more.

tried Jonah's pizza.

we had a walked to station 2
it is very happening there

we get tired, and we choose any restaurant by the beach for relaxing
picture bomb!
nice beer....
nice lady huh.. LOL

The night came, we get pretty tired, due to swimming.
We walked back to station one and head back to sleep.
Lovely night and experience I got on the day.
I still thought I'm dreaming when he proposed.





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