Boracay Day 3- 6.6.14

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Nevertheles, it is just another relaxing day for us. We did not go to any round island tour or ATV ride, ball rolling ... nothing. we just enjoy ourselves by the sea.
it is beach day! As usual I awake early as the sun rise at 5.30am.
we went to sea side at 9am.
already crowded
a piece of good picture of ourselves... cause everyone is busy selfie with monopod
or they are wet.. so we decide to selfie.
not so success selfie.. I decided to buy monopod only few weeks after the trip.
Not consider a bikini, a swimsuit I bought from taobao.
some what I looks more fat than I was in bikini.
Maybe is the color... >.<

we went back hotel, bathed and lengan-lengan in the villa for a while

When we felt a little hungry only we took tuk tuk to station one.
So lazy to walk. it is peso 60
we look for food and do our shopping a little bit.
Finally we chose Mesa
spot him?
It is not exactly by the sea, but you can see the sea with winds

We choose this because more on Philipines local food
too bad we ordered all fried... Fish
fried sotong

Then a high jump!!

Massage by the beach!!
he want full body massage
there are too many massages along the beach
So hard to choose one.
We took the one near the beach
me just foot massage

Image from sight that I laying.

 Lemon Meringue Tart
then we have some dessert... called lemon i cafe.
It is over sour.... 

we went back villa again for little nap
right then we changed for dinner!!
this time we walking to station 2
we chose here as it is on the beach and seems nice
We were right, many entertainment performance here
Including this fire chain rotate thing. They required tips for them to come here
one by one table
and bands too in front of uptown hotel there is stage.
hiew! not kena hair.
lala soup
very different from our KL style. it is lesser ginger and wine
but it taste fresh
prawnsss it is real big
fish... they all cost like depend on how many grams you chose.

After dinner, we walked back.. oh no, we went for another massage only we went home. 


{ MsXeRoZ Nicole } at: July 18, 2014 at 11:24 AM said...

So nice! I wan go boracay too!




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