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Friday, June 27, 2014
KL is full of unique cafesss Now everyone is going for ambiance with glasses
early morning, er... not so, by the time we reached is already 10.30am.
 you can see the crowds and people was already queuing
 as an opportunity to get into this expensive breakfast once a while, I quickly took some pictures outside while my brother was waiting.
peek peek

To my parents, this type of breakfast is too luxury!
They prefer butter and bread or half boiled eggs with coffee only.
They often call us to save up the money to spend wise! (Well, I think every parent is the same)

 While parents are not in, Bro and I just go for it.
too bad I'm awake late at 9.45am....so now my brother complains bout me waiting here
He is very very very hungry.
sitting outside is just crazy hot
 you know, hungry people tends to get angry/furious easily...
 for like 15mins, we had our seat. We forgotten what is famous for, and we search google again. LOL

by the time we ordered, we looked left and right... all the people siting were still waiting for food.
Again, kena nagged by brother... we have to wait loads more time than usual.
So, I pick up the camera and start snapping around.
 the day is too crowded, I could hardly took pictures.
I'm sure the waiters will find me annoying blocking their way...although they did not shout at me...
just 'Excuse me..."
 we are given upstair's seat of the cafe.
You know it is glasses for the cafe, if you were given a corner place,
then lucky you are able to see lot more scenery (actually just carpark and the mall lah)
Unlucky that you got to apply more sun block cause sun is striking in.

from down stairs

 we did not manage to eat cake cause we are fulled
 so this 'Live life eat cake' does not apply to us. bleh.

coffeeeeeee just that sorry, this photo taken without the waiter's head.

urh, brother also kinda pro in photography,took by him
Casablanca Eggs RM28
 Finally our food arrived!!
We got too hungry to think wise, we just shocked the portion is so small =.=
We thought it is not enough, we hold for desserts, he said.
eat first, we did!

more like tomato sauce,sausages, eggs & bread - 
"baked eggs (some might prefer them runnier) with house-made chicken sausages, lemon zest, Neapolitan tomato sauce & North African ras el hanout spices "
credited here

Egg Flarentine RM28
 Brother and sister sharing!
I think everyone thought we are couple...cause besides me are couples
some are bbf...

 I loved the porch eggs... and salmon too!!!
my beloved combinations... and this tar tar sauce.. just nice.
don't forget the hash brown down there.
from top to bottom, one mouth and combination together, you'll get....
soft watery egg, half solid like raw salmon and then crunchy hash brown! 
oh oh, don't forget the fish egg (Salmon roe) and corns, just took a few put in your mouth after few bits of the main cause. well?

and also coffee - cappuccino

at the end, we are crazy fulled till 4-5pm! 
 we hope to come again at night or when it is raining, well, we said, starring on the raining glass windows... how nice?!

Jibby & Co
GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5613-7070
8.30am to 10.30pm.





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