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Sunday, July 6, 2014
Seems like too early to speak or plan on these....

Frankly speaking, I just get proposed one month ago!!

But everyone is asking me, so.. when is your wedding day? Have you register yet? When will you take studio picture?
Some of my understanding close friends will just help me answered: well, u know, she just got proposed, how on earth she know what is going to happen next?

Some even know my fiance working outstation, he haven't got the time sit back and talk about dates and meeting parents. Is a huge meeting, ya know. =)

Seems like all the stress will pop out even after got proposed.  Well, it is OKAY. cause I'm not going to rush for anything... unless I get pregnant lah. (No, I'm not pregnant.)

Don't worry, sit back and relax. It is just the beginning of everything, and we both have yet set a budget for all and what theme or where and when.

For sure, some of the things we already decided to go trough, such as wedding studio, dinner and top to toe attire. I, myself kind of excited on everything!! my friends too, they even create a board in pinterest, help me find those related wedding events, gowns, setting, hair styling (whether this is not nice, those are simply well nice), shoes, nails & make up!

Whether or not I shall get a wedding planner? For such event, a wedding planner would be easy, even my friend offer to be my wedding planner. I am so touched... still my fiance & I prefer to handle ourselves.
It is a Big event for both of us, we wished to get it done all by ourselves as a process of memories of ONCE OF A LIFE TIME. I'll try to took as much processes pictures to made it as a precious organizing together.

I'd never been work out a big project like this before with him. I was thinking it is the best way for us to step closer on every way of thinking. By organizing to the day itself... heard that many couples will have a lot of arguments on planning a wedding. Lets see if we could overcome these. Some new challenge. =)

I went trough bookstores, bought some wedding magazines (all are too luxury...I just flips). Due to we haven't work out on our budgets, so I could not decide much but just view trough. I saw a lot of wedding is too much to chose until I could not hold on... I pretty much like the korean style though.

I asked a friend of mine who is photographer freelance, he did advise me some idea of choosing. Best is work out the style you want, and how new is the gowns in that studio, and also budget you must firmly stand on. You know, many will said: Once in a life time mah... so spend unconsciously., which is big NO.

I started send some webs to my fiance... and also I emailed them(studios) one by one either in Face book or in email. Now is very convenient that in face book you can see the style and reviews too.  I've got save a lists of packages of each of the studios for reference purposes. My fiance is kind enough to let me in charge of these studio thingy, cause he believe I could choose a nice one. Of cause I need to ask what is his budget, and I adjust to what is the package is comfortably good for both of us. I sent some replies to let my fiance view on too. I respect his decisions, and he will tell me pros and cons of the package. Then we will look on whether this is worth on. I'll flexibly change my requirements cause base on my TAURUS's reality level, I instantly changed. hahahaha!

So, ya, I haven't decide anything but just saved those package for reference.
Oh ya, there is actually a wedding expo in KLCC this weekend..however I did not go.  It is good to take those brochures for matching what I want, still I prefer not to until fiance is here. I'm really afraid I'll sign on a package... u know:   Once in a life time mah . Sure they will said, this is promo period, after this expo, no more, you can put on deposit first wan ah.. bla bla... I prefer go to their studio one by one... maybe?

 From wedding bands to gowns and shoes... I keep looking whenever I'm free. It was so enjoyable.
looking for comfort heels
 I could not stop looking.. I'm looking for heels, a comfort one, so that I could stand longer without pain.
As my fiance is too tall >.< no la, I'm too short.
He said: It is dangerous to wear heels...
Then I sweetly said: oh ya, then you have to hold my hands tights all the time
He then happily said: I'll hold you in the rest of our life. ^^
and yes, I got to wear my heels and he willing to hold me tight ~
feel like buy gown in taobao...tsk tsk.
 Even looking for ROM dresses. My mum who always walked pass me will said: yo.. you so free meh, so hurry wanna marry meh?  I answered: Ya, I'm free, that's y started looking for fun, else when rushing can't decide wan. And.. I not in a hurry la, just watching ah... eh mum, this one nice ah?

Then we both start discussing already. LOL... She said I'm in hurry, she herself always ask me to find some korea boutique in KL, so that she wan find dress for my big day, and yesterday she just bought one foundation and concealer waiting to use for my big day.. you tell me who is more rushing?

I always like to share those wedding webs to my fiance... he will discuss with me everything, no matter gowns or shoes... till one day I realized, am I so annoying?? Sendiri perasan.   keep asking him how he think about my wedding gown, studio, pictures, shoes...etc! I asked him via tango: "am I too annoying keep sending you wedding things? will this caused burden to you or stressing you?" (okay, my questions edi pressuring him, i think).  Well, he said this:

"I'm enlighten to hear you happily discuss wedding thing with me, just like you looking forward to marry me and live together."  awwww..... then he said: "You can share everything to me."

Then I tell him happily: "Ok~ I'll see it depend on our budget too, nothing is perfect. I can find similar things not really want 100% that way."

Last but not least, we continuing until now. =)





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