The last 2 days at Boracay

Monday, July 14, 2014
The last post of Boracay!
It is a relaxing trip.. we could sleep till very late, without hurrying!
I was too free & lazy to to anything
Wait my fiancee to wake up :P
I do not have much appetite that day
I chose to have cripes, since I saw 2 outlets there
Very hot day
should be good to have an ice cream crepes there =)
too bad we have no place to sit
Too hot to sit on bench
satisfied ice cream, but the crepes is so so.. my first trying.
Do I look like dutch LADY????
The center parting really made me so funny looking

Since we had nothing to so, and I was thinking about braiding...
BF said: U want do then do lar! No need to think.
so, I just go ahead, since he encourage
I chosen Love shape braid.
the picture I do not intend to show ring, but every one saw it. >.<
I love the back... not the front
fried prawn balls at one of the bistro cafe.
Like to take his picture
and the big 'hang over chicken soup' 
sorry, only the plate big, the portions is small.
my french toast for lunch @Epic
After lunch, we went to Massages again!
down to whole body massage without oil, just beside the beach
no, we do not need to be naked. It is safe to massage outdoor.

then we choose to have a nice seat beside the beach
spoil ourselves with blu sky and sea
the seats is prepared by Epic cafe, and need to buy minimum of PHP500

cannot miss the beer
They will need to do set up at 4.30pm, so we got to go back
we headed back to our villa, take a bath and rest.

oops, saw leng zai & leng lui there

Our dinner at Atria.
I was ... not hungry too.
He chosen spaghetti and I choose wrap pizza
I tot it is small, but they are like diameter 3cm each
and super cheesy!! 
I eventually ate 4 rolls of them. hehe
After food, I thought I could so some shopping
But too bad, it is raining... we took tuk tuk back villa.

The next day! our last day.. :(
as usual, we having breakfast together in this sofa bed downstairs

 took some pic together...acting. hehe

i requested... but funny expressions..
we quickly simply took, scared  a lot of ppl later
bye bye Sitio villa
Bye bye Boracay!
A memorable sweet trips~
a place that changed our destiny





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