It's Coming~but not soon

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
So right, I was MIA (Missing in action) in writing a blog for some time.

Nope, I was not busy planing or organized my wedding yet. I'm doubt... what am I doing....

Oh ya! I was being a 'non-pro-model' for few weeks before my friend's (Who learning make up course) competition.

 The actual day
 The practice
 They need me pose like model.. but fail! LOL

Besides, My Fiancee is back!! So good to have dating again. =)

For now, We already meet the parents....We had booked a pre wedding studio picture (Can't wait to try the gown and take pic!) and... currently is busying finding venue for the dinner.

Actually busying surfing net for the package, review and availability of the place...and with reasonable price...

Sometimes we found good package, environment, (Still dono the food), but fully booked.... =.="

Well, hopefully we found what we want. *Pray hard hard** Please.. next year, don't want too many ppl have wedding ~.~, okay, just joking.

For Make up service, photographer, band... those can easily find on Fb or wedding page.
There are so many wedding page to find~ Until you do not know which to choose.

Currently attended to plan your wedding page, whereby when u request for quotations... actually the Webpage person in charge will contact you and assist you!
The person who contact me will ask about what do you need for wedding day, and budget, she will send out all to vendors, eg: I need a live band, with budget of RM1500-2500. then after she asked all questions, she will manage to get some vendors, and all the respective's category will just start email you, whatsapp you.

It is amazing!!! Good job for her!

Now will just sit back with BF, and choose.

However Venue is still our priority ...





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