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Monday, October 20, 2014
Hi October~ Is a happening October... i guess, every month is same for me. First of all, Beauty expo was here in KLCC last 2 weeks~ Me and my colleague are so happy to travel there after Friday work. soon we reaching there at 7.30pm, it close..... Opening time only from 10am to 7pm.

Taken by using S2~

We are so disappointed and plan to eat BIG...korean BBQ!! @ Avenue K. 
I'd never been there for N years...
Drooling.... but we can't finish at the end.

So we decided to go again the next day
Braids of the day
my mum thought I went to beauty fair to pay for this braid. 
When i said I diy, she said I looks like maid =.=
Haul for the wedding.... I know is still early. 
I bought a lot of Ampoules for face.
Pro-Q, Trace elements and collagen. 2 boxes (20ampoules) for RM40.
To try out their effect. It is really amazing.
Quick adsorbs and your skin turn silky smooth.
It could long last for a day! 
I would like to buy again ~could use it like once a week for better skin.

 Jia Mey is leaving... T.T
She is friendly and always smile at me~
Kathy (acting TL,pregnant) and Jia Mey

Pic of she and me

Group picture...
From left(Standing): me, Chia May(Leng lui), Eva, Hui Nee, Elaine (TL), Esther & Kathy
Front: Kuan Khau & Jia Mey.

Last friday.... My hubby's butt kena kissed....
Poor butt...
But now he is fine :) 
might not perfect, but at least the broken fixed.
Claimed by the Indian lady said that she going to cut out of line to right, suddenly motorcycle came in front of her, so she quickly shift to right and hit my hubby's right butt.
We were rushing to work, to quickly solve the problem, I just ask her 3 questions:
1) Want to claim insurance? If yes, just report police within 24hours;
2) Either I choose my own workshop and give the receipt then you pay.
3) or you have your trusted workshop, pointed me there, I let them fixed, and you pay.

Luckily she admit she was wrong, and she willing to pay by option 2) at first. 
Cause is her company's car... So, I keep her IC no, contact (By calling her at once if the contact is right) and full name, with the pic of her car condition and plate number. 
Then we all rush to work. I roughly told my dad situation and of cause tell bf too.
then was sighing to my ji muis... lolz, fuss girl.
my dad prefer took the whole IC picture. lesson learn. 

However the lady was nice enough to call me when working, and tell she want option3, she will give me the contact on the next day.

Till the next day, I was quite worry caused she did not call me for the contact till 11am... 
I'm quite worry and warn her. then she gave me the contact. immediately after lunch we went there. 
Car done on Monday.

It is not a good Friday. My BF accidentally split water on his lappy.. 
Luckily only keyboard is burned, the rest is normal.
so we went for a movie marathon~ :)

not really nice movie, but I enjoyed to be with him. 





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