Samsung day

Sunday, November 2, 2014
It was a lucky day perhaps...
I was still hessitating whether to buy note4? And my bf bring me to mid valley yesterday. Thought that will have no stock everywhere...
However,when i give up buying on the day, (went to Digi & Samsung shop asked) there is a pc fair in mv exhibition!
He said why not? We saw a booth selling only rm2299, but limited 3 units only,cash on 7pm. I was aming for we walk to samsung stall beside and asked if could  installment. And yes it does and buy.
There was a lucky draw when u bought note 4. I drawed a samsung gear!!! I totally do not know what is samsung gear at first. I saw the sales person  so excited for me. I was surprised only when they took out.
 funny me.
Then my bf too bought one more. Too bad i help him lucky draw a football...  feel so sorry....
However we finally got couple phones!!





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