Friday, December 12, 2014
 Is our photo session day. I'm so excited because this is the day that you will be very beautiful and uniquely charming with my prince. =D

Just woke up in the morning, my tooth is so painful... well, happy things is overwhelm .
rings for the shooting and future wedding bands

first time wear together

 arriving with GIGi the make up artist help me make over.
she is the one intro this package to me. She still remember me.
 He also got to make over. Guess is his first time make up. >.<

 The light is too bright there
if not is a good picture... or he is too pale?

overall hairstyle

first white gown

3rd yellow gown for outdoor. just capture a little

and our casual outdoor evening shoot.

 while changing. He suddenly become the background.

 First time kissing in public.

Gigi took this 10seconds video.. take a peek.

It is a long hour photo sessions. I tot it would be very difficult and tired. However I'm ok with it. He also would not frustrated. maybe he will disappointed a little.well.... overall still fine. Hope he enjoy it.





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