Thursday, February 5, 2015
Registration of marriage!!
I'm really looking forward on this,  and so do my parent. They had been chasing us to register 2 years ago till they tired of reminding. So when after he proposed, they still keep so calm till after few months of proposal, my parent keep chasing again. lol... Why chase me? I'm a girl wor... not want to keep a little 'geng chi?'

well, today it is!! and till yesterday my parent still looks so cool.... but this morning i think they woke at 6am? We actually said want to be 9.30am meeting there. Oh well...

 Thanks for coming pretties
I really very pai seh ask them come cause weekdays.
They have to take one leave just for me... T.T
I keep chasing them don't come. But they insist. 
However I really thankful they are coming. Cause they help breaking ice. hahaha

 The bouquet flowers I keep pushing him to buy. Actually the paper for wedding rules at JPN did not write need rings or flowers...
I very thick face keep ask him buy flowers...
He very naughty, he actually bought but do not want to tell me. Want me looks like crazy girlfriend pushing boyfriend to buy something =_=" 
however the day before I stop asking.... occupied by busy works and late night also dono why busying.
Till he beh tahan come ask me that: Why you did not asked bout the flower?? 
really laugh die me. 

 started after waited 2 couples.

 the guy help us sumpah-ing
 sign sign... my face looks like: faster wei... 
 at the end, the rings also never exchange pakai also.  hahahha
 While daddies were signing, we take photo together... with my mum & Cm photo-bombing.

 My new family ^^. 
His younger brother still in Melacca
 My family... T.T
 new gathering
 with my sampat friends. hahahaha! Miao seems like wan kill my husband. 
Oh ya, we are all classmates during secondary, that's why they not keep their image too.
Well done, it is naturally good picture!
 A formal picture, this one he smile more natural
 not to forgot wefie!
another one with attached Ju Lee in it. muahahahah 

well, after that, we went for brunch and... go back to each other's home.
We are done, in married status, and officially. 
Thank you brother for the lovely pictures!

well now when I'm writing this post after ROM, I still felt the same. As in a wife yet a wife status until coming soon!! ^.^





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