Content life

Monday, March 30, 2015
I rather use the word 'content life' than 'busy life' for my recent MIA.

What is the difference? When you feel the day is contended, you feel that you accomplished something that you never had before. When you feel busy, you just feel tired and stressful.

Yes it is contented and also tired.  However when I see these coming, I feel everything is worthwhile.
shoe racks
 We spend a lot for these, almost bankrupt. hahaha
When lately we open the aircond... 
 Sit on the sofa, it is sooooo relax than I never feel.
We had pass trough many obstacles. (esp financial)
When we sitting on the sofa.. the obstacles seems like just vanished. :)
 I have hardly get the choosing during my life time
Everything is chosen by my parent.
This is an opportunity we've got what we wanted.
The so called walked-in wardrobe

 ta daaaa
i know, it is simple furniture right?
It is so rare that me & him have the same taste. hehe~
He is always the one deal with contractor, management and installation of electrical things
I just accompany him to buy & choose things only.

It is great to have him organized all these while.
Although some drama happen during me facing with my parent
example like feng shui or good luck thingy.
All I could say is, I can't follow all, and I don't care! 
I keep going as what me & my husband think best.

alright, I still left a lot of thing to be done. =)

Looking for smaller staff, TV, Filter , dressing table!! 
the rest lets time fills.

Thank you Hubby for making this so real. :)





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