A birthday Month

Sunday, April 26, 2015
This would be a different life for me now....

I had officially moved into new house!!
 All my little craft corner, he said all is for me. hahahaha
 the move in ceremony!
with tong shui and candle.


It is my birthday month,
 My family had arrange a small surprise, :)
 My colleague had organized a potluck session.
So I got to prepare myself 
I did sandwich ham cheese & eggs.
 Another birthday cake :D
 so glad. happy!!
 Next would be celebration with my hubby.
 Morgan field's
We have to wear this apron!
 I does not really like onion.
However when i saw this onion blossom in Astro before, I was keen in trying.
It does not taste like ordinary onion ring.
It had lesser onion smell and crispy fresh still.
 I like their pork ribs
It is crispy on skin and soft tender inside.
really juicy nice. taste with BBQ sauce.
It is finger liking good.


Weekend stuff

Here I prepare my own bake toast.

 as it is left over raw materials from the potluck
All you need is, Ham, cheese, bread, butter & egg.
Flatten the bread and cut the edges.
put in ham & cheese into pieces
Break the egg and put dome pepper.
Oven bake 15mins (depend how hard your egg wanted) with 180 degree
 does this feels like in restaurant?? 
lately I'd been into household shopping.
seems like many things not yet done.
Well, I pass by an art shop in Ikea shopping center
with some hesitation, I bought myself this. as long as I wanted.

I dont care and it is not really cheap. ;P 
I tried few hours and outcome just a bit... Well...need to train my patient.

Thank you all for helping me celebrating my birthday!
I wasn't really expect any thing. 





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