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Sunday, May 24, 2015
I'm a lazy girl, I always search for easy cooking style. I am so grateful that Oven is being invented and also thanks to his friend for giving us such a useful tools!!
I started to search online what are the easiest recipe by using Oven bake breakie. Western style I could say is the best. However not scramble eggs yet. hahahha
Ramekins bake bread, eggs, ham & cheese.
All you need is: Butter, ham in pieces, cheese in pieces and egg.
 1. flatten the bread, cut the edge if you want. but the edge really crunchy.
2. spread butter on ramekin and bread
3. put all your hams, and cheese in it, then break the egg. add some pepper on top.
4. depend how cooked you want for the egg, I normally put 8-9mins on 180 degree.
serves with vege and coffee

Pancake, you know what I like~
No instructions, it is all labeled on box
Bake bread pizza!!
1: marinara sause if you have, else you can use tomato sauce
2: hams
3: cheese
4: egg
Spread tomato sauce on the bread, put some slices of ham.
Bake 5mins for the ham to be cooked. add cheese and egg on top.
Bake for another 5mins for the egg to half cooked. (180 degree)
Here you go!

Sandwich bake sausage and cheese!!
Why all use the same recipe? well, western you mean, of course!! the serving here I can sell like RM22 outside already. I bought a pack with few slices, and a week ate once, you calculate I save how much? :P
Material: Cheese, Ham Sausage, Egg & salads

1] spread butter on bread, put on slices of sausage on top of the bread and bake it 10mins 180degree
2] put on cheese, bake another 5mins
3] pan fried the ham and egg
4] took out the bread and add ham on it & eat!

Next is Fruit infused water!!
Glance more here

Slimming function: Lemon, mint leaves & cucumbers
I guess you have to drink everyday to achieve your good weight.

  The rest is for detox purposes and also help boost your immune system. 

Hope you like this post. :)





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