Hen's Night~

Sunday, March 1, 2015
It is my early Hen's night when my friend Ju Lee still at KL.
She will be flying back to Australia soon and come back again for my wedding. Thanks dear T.T

Before I started photobomb with lots of pictures...
Actually I never thought of having a hen's night.  More on, I thought is a girls night hang out and celebrate for Ju Lee's Birthday too. Moreover I have no budget for travelling oversea now, I'm guessing spending a night at local good hotel shall be a best choice and convenience for all of us.

I started chose hotel and my friends said, how could a bride organised herself? I was like, haiyo nevermind, the activity you all plan bah. They all said OK. ^_^
 The day before I was sick =.= ... quickly went for doctor and get well sleep at home first.
Then is the day, after we checked in, I never thought it is such a huge room
 Capri hotel, equipped with kitchen, oven, basins, stove, kettle, all the necessary kitchen ware things!!
 Huge make up room with drop down mirror, best for our girls, with shower room and toilet.
 comfy bed with Bluetooth speaker/alarm as well
 Sharp smart TV with DVD Player
shower room


huge cupboardssss

glass balcony~

 Let's take a selfie!

When come to deco... I was totally... Surprised.
I came to an event that did not get huge expectations from my friends. (not just them, but everyone as well)
not to say that they not good in all these, but as usual, I'm not that kind of girl that expecting on others.
I thought this will be normal girls talk night, sitting down relaxing, watch home movie, snap pictures and so on only...
 I made a triangle banners. just a small corner of celebrations
 with few small gift for the ji muiss to be. 

The night before I was actually messaging the girls via watsapp group whether Cheryl is going to Pasar malam, was intended ask her help me buy some balloons. 
The message returned was rather cold =_=" she asked: "Why?" [sentence changed a bit but still same meaning]
I: "just for fun for tmr' 
She:"no need ler, I don't think the rest was energetic enough to blow balloons especially CM" 
she continue, miao also no strengh after OT work ler since is closing...
and so on, coz it is a lengthy messages that they cut off my thoughts. huhuhu

Then Ju Lee drag me for a movie. As there are still a lot of time while waiting others to off work.
While before that, Cheryl had off work on 2.30pm. She said she wan the hotel key first to put luggage and get a nap there as she worked early.
I was still worrying that time will be clashed or might too harsh for them... T.T

After the comedy movie, here is....the moment when I entered the hotel
 Then ju lee came followed by :WwaaahhhHH

So many balloons.. blow by sknny cm & strong Cheryl

 Cheryl took such big efforts to deco for us... T.T touching

And so, my Surprised for them...
Custom made cupcakes for the girls.
All of them

Choco cupcakes! 

We get out for our dinner as soon as everyone arrived.


 went to their 33 floor pool~
 Then our party begins~  They prepared the props too!! (thanks to lee and Miao!!)
They are so expert!!!
 So all of us change to our OL theme.
 party mood on, except CM, she is restlessly sleeping on bed due to "girl's thing"

 with black label!! they wanna drunk me
 all ready!
 Miao served us 
 Bride-to-be outfit done. It is not too over and it is what I can accepted. :D
 CM soon get up [waken by Cheryl] and we first sang birthday song to our dearest Ju Lee.
 Present giving time
 Ju Lee: Wah, merry Christmas for my Birthday Present?!
Miao: recycle mah... lolz
 Let me take an image with the cupcakes first
 the props~~!! (thanks lee~)
 Hello Office Lady, Ju Lee
You know.. the frame I was holding up there.. Is a very tough job for all of us.
We kissed a lot of papers to get perfect lips shape for this.
Bravo girls! Muackss 
All night, miao still serve me black labels. Only she and me tossed.
The rest drank tea ...

 back drop deco and all of funny actions on!
We are out of Idea how to pose.

Last mission ..Miao prepared. She took out 2 toilet paper rolls, some hotel towels, and said:
Dressed the bride with most fashionable gown ever!

 I could not move.
They started busy
 I said I wan long tailed gown, here it is. hahahah
 Cheryl is so serious
out come.. Tadaaaaaaa!! nice?

Then we are done. collapsed on bed.
Luckily it is not a difficult mission.
Simple and nice. 

Not much story for next day, me and Ju Lee went for a swim
 Her HP first explore under water.
and.. so this is my first time looking at myself when I'm in water. hahaha
as ugly as a frog. Ju Lee, Why u so pretty in water?(and mata sepet bit)

the water is damn cold wei.

Never the less, i wanna express to my ji muisss, My Love~~
 Ju Lee, She is my First known neighbour when I first moved to KL and also my classmate sitting... few tables away from me. I've got to notice her when teacher distributed a form and asked us to filled in the address. From that on, we begin our carpool! 
She is rather loving girl I ever met, She manja a lot with her dad and also my swimming partner.
Her neat handwriting lead her to be secretary of many society club in school. She is rather a low profile girl in secondary school and our girl's monitor in the class.
Right, we are sometimes kinda afraid of her, but sometimes what she said is kinda reasonable till I felt not cruel but right.  She can be very quiet as well. I do not personally think it is a matter.
called her hubby till now. hehehe~ yes .. even after married. 

 Miao: She is the one that sitting behind me when I first arrived my desk 13years ago. She took first initiative to talk to me. So ...I remembered she is the one that first speaking to me. She also aka antenna cause she is quite actively social here. She shared every information she know, including sales, tuitions, taxations...etc
She is eager to further study as well, this is what I very impressed. She is very fully independent girl, except that she don't like to drive. gahahaha~  so nice now got GPS. 

Love to see her around which make the surrounding so riuh rendah (Happening).  I don't know why.. She seems like got the power of ordering people do things done. And that's what makes me feels she will be the Maid of honour. 

 Ching Mun... the CM girl. Who is also Taurus. I erm...kinda not so understand her sometimes, caused she is not like ordinary Taurus. lolz I'm not too sure how she blended in with us, or rather said, we are automatically together when schooling. I always admire her skinny body (Sometimes), esp she ate a lot but not fat at all. She is tall & fair girl, who as a eldest Sis in the family, she take big responsibilities of take caring her brothers. Too bad was, she is very shy girl when come to meeting new people. any single guys out there, please take more patient and talk to her more, you will know her greatness of all. She is hardly angry and loves to travel. Now she even keen to cook. just that sometimes she gets a little lazy... bleh

Cheryl, toughest girl I ever met. Her action might be a little exaggerate... but she is soft inside. hehe~ She is the carnivore, which I only know after I graduated... because whenever she came to my house after school, she ate the vege my mum cooked. She is independent big sis as well which bring her to be tough girl. Whatever challenge she will take it and go on with it. She is the one who first drove me after passing driving because we still do not have cars and my parent restricted me from driving. So she is the Driver who willing to drove us whenever a gathering.   

Well, the best thing in us, we never give up each other.

Friendship forever.

Thank you girls for the efforts, making the night so happening. I can say that this is the best fitted hen's night I ever wished & wanted!! 





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