What you can do during your pregnancy

Sunday, August 13, 2017
Normally people stop you from doing this that, cannot eat this that...
I'm pretty sure, as a mum-to-be, you felt upset lor.

Sit back and relax, what you can do?

1) Eat whatever you feel good. ( I still prefer no caffeine and ice drinks tho)

2) shop whatever you feel pretty for your baby~

3) although maternity clothing is limited, with online shop all over the world, you do not afraid what you can't buy

4) enjoy wearing flats. Flats with sponge and good arch... which can support your weight and waist.

5) Survey baby staff, small little thing makes you happy. It is very cute & adorable.

6) would not able to cut your own toe nails soon, go for a pedicure! just without nail polish will do.

7) Go to salon, set some pretty good hairstyles. Color or perming is better to be done on 2nd trimester.

8) Let go your house cores, let your husband do a bit. :D

9) Watch more comedy. Anything that makes you relax.

10) go for a walk. any places, less crowd is better, other wise just shopping mall is enough for your exercise. =D

That's all~ if you got more, can share with me.





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