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Monday, September 4, 2017
My 1st journey & 2nd journeys you can view it all HERE.

My 2nd trimester is really enjoyable and carefree for the moment. Coming to 3rd trimester already and I started to worry bit.
Emotional not ready, with some excitements and also worry that how to handle a new born.
I am afraid I'm not doing well for confinement cause I'll be assist by my mum in law.
So far have yet really stay there for so long.. for one month, I'm a bit shivering... hahaha
Yet very thankful she is able to help me. I hope I did not bring any trouble for her.

Leg cramp started once and I don't hope to happened again >.<"
Stomach bit bloated now and then.
Kicking is more and you will get shocked when you in the middle of meeting or working.
He tends to sway to left or right a little playing with me.
Hips, tights are getting fatter!!!! Doctor said I must control weight. Big appetite.
A bit hard to lay down or bend my body. Hard to get up in speed..
Pee frequently.
Hair lost.

What am I doing during this 2nd trimester?

1) EAT!
 Out of no where, I am craving for waffle quite often
I keep mentioning, cause he is not a dessert fav guy. Yet he bring me go to Owl cafe.
This really cure my thirst.... He thought I can't finish this huge waffle...
But, I finished it!

Went to Genting a night for a chilled
 Not eating ice-cream for 5 months already... and this is the 1st after all
God damn good!
Ok, I know is expensive. but 5 months only got to eat once, must choose nice one la...
 Really wished to sit there, drink so coffee, but I endure it.
Plus hubby keep dragging me away :(

Next is Annual Dinner!!!
Too bad this year's dinner is on friday evening
Too bad no lucky draw
 Got to take picture with my ex team. Still so young and crazy!

 My first time expose baby bump and truely announce in facebook that I'm pregnant.
Got a lot of blessings!
Colleagues are all quite jaga me. T.T
 With darl darl below:
 In order to train her makeup skill, I got to let herself do her own.
I can't be always there for you....
She did improve a bit, but ah.. still cannot balance her left eye and right eyes.
So, at last gonna touch up for her.

 Selfie before I deliver. lolz
Hardly ever makeup already after this

 Bought this flat from Taobao.
Kinda love it, because wont painful, but it did make my toes cramp cause pointy front
 Food. This year I ate the most. hahahaha

 alright, end of Annual dinner story
Durian become my 2nd favourite.
Since my hubby Loves to eat durian, he will bought every week
I'll steal 4 pieces to eat. Damn nice
Some is XO, D24, or musang king.
I think this durian is better than mc Furry even I can't manage to try Mc Furry

 Alright, doctor stop me from eating already
Gain 3kg every month is like too much. 9 months of pregnancy, means I will gain 27kg?!
So I also preffer better stop
But how can I control!!? I now truly understand why others are hard to diet.
Because you need to eat when you hungry!
Well, is not like old people said, you need to eat double, because you have baby.
No, is just normal portion every KL ppl took, I took!!
yeala,h, last time I can't finished the one dish I ordered.... now, i just don't waste it.
 So, I will make my own food more often.
Less white rice, took wholemeal bread. prefer less sugar....
No more milo, eat oats when hungry
Take gluten free biscuits... I wan less fat still wan keep my stomach full.
 All these are my favourite!
 Family bonding
He tends to come with idea to be with family
He rather cook than go out eat
 These are the dishes he prepared.
 I always wanted to took this photo with my dad if I'm pregnant. lolz
He is sporting enough to join me, here you go..
who is larger??
 group picture

I know he doesn't like bout other's feet. 
Sometime he quite pantang...
I still request his help when he cut his nails.
I asked: can help me... cut feet nails please?
He: Ok, wait me finish first.But I not that good wor, might cut your flesh..
I was like: erm... ok, try bah..
 my nails are nicely cut, no blood. hahaha

Taobao always best when come to buy things
Now is baby clothes and belonging.
I think baby clothes are more better than adult one.
Below are my shopping hauls:
 clothes with variety of month
from new born to 9 months old
 I really hope baby can wear all
I asked experience mama, they said need at least 10 pieces for each month
Ok, buy!!!
From Genting outlet padini


My baby is truly being pampered even before birth
 Top from aunty Cindy

 Romper from aunty Miao
Doughnut bib from aunty Miao too.
They are all so lovely!!!!
Thank you all for the gift.

That's all!! I will go taobao again, hehehe.





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