Taobao baby clothes

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Since I am taobao lover, I'm sure won't go the chances of buying baby things there.
Overall, is bout RM10 per piece for baby clothes... I mean averagely. Material are better than adult one for sure....

Here we go:

Mittens: It is soft and quite big. luckily there is string for you to tie it.

Link here :Mittens

Bibs: bibs for the saliva, these are so yeng!! RMB16.8 come with 3pieces.

 At the back is towel materials
Link here: Bibs

Long pants with leg wraps

Suitable for aircond room use.
Link: Pants

One piece romper, long sleeves and pants

I bought various sized, from 0 to 9 months size. 1 pc about RM10.
link: Long rompers

Gong xi fatt choi romper... lolz, bought for CNY.
 I bought for new born size but it seems like can wear till 6 months old.
 Kinda thick and suitable to bring to aircond place.
link: Chinese romper

Converse socks
 So tiny!!!
 suitable for new born
Link: converse socks

Animal socks
 good elastic and very cute!!! I think nice for baby boy. hehe
Link: Animal socks

Will show you more next when my next stocks came ya~





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