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Saturday, October 7, 2017
Hi All!

Yes, I'd been taobao-ing non stop. Here is another wave!


Okay, this is not baby stuff, it is for stress free. I can poke whenever I wan in office. Hahahaha


Disposable panties, use when I in confinement, so that I do not need my mother in law/husband to help me wash panties.

 I chose cotton type material so that is more comfortable. It come with individual packaging!

Bought one box for one month. hehe


Confinement clothes... actually I bought because it is easy for nursing. It is all in long sleeves... well, I think can wear at night gua....

Didn't really wear it yet. Material not bad. come with bibs, but the bibs kinda thick and a lot furry stuff came out when washing. made me need to re wash other clothes again. Thinking to throw the bibs or not.


Such a cute and lovely baby hats. You also can choose thicker material. In m'sia do not need so.

 I chosen bear ears hats for little tan. :)
Soft nice cotton!


 Okay, I admit I very scare of cutting other's nails... moreover it is infant.
I found this machine helps. It is spinning type trimmer and come with range of top which suit for baby and adults too. No fuss after that.

 I tried, it is supper quiet. Green one is for new born till month 4, then use pink and blue subsequently.
Adult just use grey.

 I like it cause it is pink! Uses AA batteries.


Infant clothes set. It is not RMB150 a set, it is RMB80 a set with 3 long sleeves clothes.

 close up!

with bootie! no need socks for the night!


 Soft toy for the boy. Purposely chose no fur one.

 I know white is ... nvm~ I don't know how long he would play on it.


 Another long sleeves without booties. I bought like 5 pieces with various sizes.

 Not bad cotton!


 Swaddle, easy wrap one:
 Bought in price RMB 19.80 only after discount. Supermarket is like RM36!
 Sorry, can't take a proper picture, unless I wrap my teddy bear. hahaha


Thought of buying these for my hospital bag, but too small...
 I use for other stuff lah~

Mittens and booties
 Cute ho?

 I hope he can wear because the opening like so big. unless he is born like Michelin.


Not sure if I'm so free or what, I'd been thinking wanted to buy or not. But at last I bought this.
This book is to record all his grows up details! with pictures and nice coat color pages as well.

Hope I got time to do it.


 Bibs! I'm obsessed bout bibs, because they all look so nice! Some with tux or formal bow!

 Kinda thick material. well, hope it cover enough saliva for my kid. hahaha~
 Nice right?


Link 2:

That is all, hope you all like it!





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