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Sunday, May 30, 2010
So long did not update d...
Nothing to update excepts weekend

Friday is Wesak Holiday
Noon time Me & mama went to MV for some shopping
However...I feel pretty tired 
Cause I cannot find things I want
and also I'm still having flu
I canceled tmr's hiking to Broga Hill
(actually lazy waking up early!)
Night time, we went to cousin's wedding night
It is actually going to bride groom's hs to have buffet dinner before his wedding day
We whole family go to another cousin's house first to see my cute niece

I was wearing this, and Amanda cried once saw me
or whenever she saw me tat day, she cry
super sad lor!
Am I wearing so.... scary?
Just lacy outfit...

I got my belated birthday present from cousin
It's a perfume!
Very unique bottle
I love the fragrance as well!!!
thank you darlings~

Now, Amanda is able to walk
So cute with her pink little dress~
actually she is stunning over there
watching picture from her LCD TV..

She's never been quiet while we were eating
and still crying when see me =(
last time she won't like that....

The next day, waking up damn late!
woke up by the jets
This is how I wear for dating
Is the dress from WC & it's all the way from Taiwan
Love it so much
Coz dear said I look so fair in this dress wor =D

**Do edit some lighting,original too pale**
we went to time square for Movie
went to this restaurant for lunch
and then we realised...
Time Square shoppers are all teenagers!
and also, we realised
we are the eldest person who sitting in this restaurant =.=
suddenly feel that we are so OLD
We started to complain those youngsters now
so bahagia! afford to eat all these nice food!
they even start dating during secondary school!
oklah, my dear don't deserved to complain the above line's statement

Here is Mr Tan & Ms Tan
(we both have same sur name)
He had long disappear in my blog's pic :)
He still handsome, right?

very glad he although very tired, still accompany shop with me
He even watched Shrek 3 till fall asleep =.=
Shrek 3 i find it meaningful and funny
still I like 1st 2 chapters
meaningful as in, the movies teaches us to appreciate whatever we have now
and do not complain!

One thing I need to explain
I still don't like shopping with boyfriend
although I know he willing to go in whatever girl shop I went in
But sometimes I really don like people to wait for me while I am choosing something
u know the pressure of someone waiting for you~
and you really cannot take your own time choosing
I prefer go out shopping with girls or mum
who is also enjoying the same thing as me.

I appreciate dear want to shop with me
Just that I prefer not to bore yourself like that because of me
Just like what I accompany you to Computer shop
Still I love him so much :)
that's the fact that never change

at the end, I did not buy anything
just bought a pack of plaster
to put on my toe's blister 
I'm pain resistant! I can stand the pain till I realised that is a blister on my toe
now it's fill with water... yuck!

Today, I drag myself wake up early
to replace my yoga class

me with my 'palia' yoga mat
thinking of changing it as soon as possible
this mat is kinda wanna tear into half already
cheap is like that wan la!
never thought that I edi learned yoga for 3 months edi!

and then ,don expect I learn yoga in those luxury fitness centre
i learn yoga here :
Is located at OUG
learning with a dozen of aunties =)
they are more flexible than me!
flexible as in body bends, from finger tips to their toes!
afterall it's an exercise
I don't mind doing in luxury center or poorly maintain
as long as the place is clean
the aunties are friendly
the instructor is good! 

Having bento as lunch now~
got ta get on eating! see ya!





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